Left wing attack site compares council candidate statement to shooting range

Longmont funeral home director, business owner and registered Democrat Heath Carroll declared his candidacy for city council this week.

This reaction on Twitter from @freerangelongmt caught my eye:
“Oh yes, we need a Chuck E Cheese in Longmont: tinyurl.com/CheesyBangers – then we’d have two shooting ranges.”

You see, among Heath Carroll’s statements about his goals for Longmont, he mentioned wanting to bring more family friendly businesses to town, including maybe a Chucky Cheese. The immediate response on Twitter by a local far left attack site was to throw up…err, tweet up…a link to web articles about shootings at Chucky Cheese, most notably the 1993 shootings at an Aurora Colorado location that left five people dead.

Real sweet…and here I thought they’d be whooping and hollering for joy that a member of the Democrat party was running for local office.

So much for my joy at seeing Gabrielle Giffords symbolic return to office.


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