Longmont Area Dems go on attack for mayoral candidate Coombs

Ah, the company one keeps.  In the case of some local candidates (Sarah Levison, Sean McCoy, and Dennis Coombs) that company is fairly slimy indeed.  If you haven’t heard, the local leftwing lunatic fringe has all but taken over the Longmont Area Democrats organization.  Their stink will follow the above mentioned candidates quite closely, trust me.  Here are their latest escapades:
Today I got a couple fairly harsh comments on the recent Dennis Coombs entries I’ve written entitled Times-Call protecting mayoral candidate through censorship and Mayoral candidate Coombs encourages breaking local papers rules, which have gotten fairly good readership (and are now about to go up!).  Truth hurts when it comes to these people, so here are the responses: “Chris, your ignorance, ego, and outright stupidity continue to amaze me.” and “As a matter of fact, Mr. Coombs is at council every week. Unlike a certain fascist right wing nut-job blogger I know of, maybe it’s you that needs to pay attention to what council does.”  Pretty humorous stuff, I usually ignore and trash moronic statements like this.

But with a little extra digging I got a lead on who this might be, and lo and behold the IP leads right to Longmont Area Dems, on an iPhone/iPad no less.  These people are as ignorant as whoever keeps up Mr. Coombs Facebook page, epic.  Let’s go though some who’s-whos (more like “who cares”) of LAD.  First up is their President and Vice-President John and Judy Bigger.  They and their acolytes saw us laughing it up last night as their “side”, a term they kept using, got its ass collectively handed to themin the reapportionment meeting at CU Boulder.  Yes, we ventured into the lions den and came out smiling.

No need to dredge up the past, but suffice it to say the Biggers can’t get enough of the “Rodreeguys” since the spanking Karen Benker received in ’09.  Their best pal, and former friend Teresa Lichti, picks up the slack for them on Twitter writing about my wife or I nearly every single day.  Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe this sickness.  Again, I laugh.  But, if they wrote the second comment, that would mean they attended every council meeting.  For supposed leaders of a local Democratic organization, they are fairly new to, and mostly ignorant of, Longmont politics.  They rarely show up at council meetings, except when Mr. Bigger wants to make things physical involving me.
So who does show up to council meetings nearly every week?  LAD member Kaye Fissinger, and of course Strider Benston, the coffee is free after all.  Ms. Fissinger also attended the CU Boulder meeting and got somewhat of a browbeating from one of the commission members when she alleged there was lobbying of them from political operatives.  A baseless claim she throws around about weekly, this time she got called on it.  Like most people in the city, I don’t really care what she has to say about me or anything else.  While some feel it important to respond to her tirades, I on the other hand never want her to stop, and don’t see the need to counter nonsense.  Her words and delivery speak for themselves, priceless.
There is also their webmaster Doug Wray, plenty said about him already.  I’m pretty good with reading people and their styles, this doesn’t fit his (pick your jaw up off the floor).  No, this probably generates straight from the top of LAD.  I wonder which among them own an iPhone?  The fact they went anonymous and used that type of language reminds me of when John Bigger called in to a local radio show and gave a false name, then attacked my wife and I.
So, candidates Levison, McCoy, and especially Coombs – this is who you chose to get in bed with.  Did you at least check to see if they’ve had their shots?
I’m just getting warmed up…
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