McCoy Tweets hatred for Mayor, citizens

Longmont City Councilmember Sean McCoy has given us a glimpse into how he really feels about things via his Twitter account.  After exposing this account, one of two things will happen:  1) it will be “cleansed” of the abrasive and insulting material provided straight from the mouth of Sean McCoy, or 2) it will be left alone, added to, and celebrated.  
Just so there is no confusion, this Twitter account was started after he announced his reelection bid.  You’d think he’d clean up anything like this prior to asking for your vote, instead he’s only piled it on.  In case it is removed, here are some highlights:

Mr. McCoy is not a banker or businessman.  As he reminds us nearly weekly he’s an “educator”.  “Trickle down” is usually not a term liberal/progressives like Mr. McCoy believe in anyway.

Just like a government employee to tell you your taxes are not high enough.  You’re so 19th and 20th century thinking your taxes are too high.  Note the use of the term “TEABAGGERS“.  Remember, this is a teacher of your children, and he’s using an offensive sexual term on a public page. The people who use this know exactly what it means, don’t let them tell you otherwise.

Grammar alert.  It’s Americans, and it’s Ceiling – again, I only point this out as he’s a self-described “educator”.  Remember, this financial genius is telling you youare not taxing yourself enough, I thought it was a government entity’s position to actually set tax rates.

Finally a new day, and a new target – Longmont Mayor Bryan Baum.  “Whining”, “mean-spiritedness”, and “despicable” is hardly the way you should describe a fellow member of your city council, but that never stops Mr. McCoy.  Presumably he wants to continue serving with Mayor Baum after this election, keeping in mind Mayor Baum’s competition in this election is an unknown political lightweight.

On this day Mr. McCoy woke up and figured he better look business-friendly.  Problem is Mr. McCoy, along with the rest of the former Benker Bloc (former councilmember Karen Benker, Councilmembers Sarah Levison and Brian Hansen), are directly responsible for the pathetic situation at Twin Peaks Mall. They couldn’t harass the owners enough, regardless that they have a successful venture at Harvest Junction.  Businesses and real estate agents are target #1 for Mr. McCoy and his liberal/progressive cronies, they only actslightly business-friendly come election time.

Grammar alert:  it’s not “bulling“, it’s “bullying“, something Mr. McCoy should be quite familiar with.  Once again his target is Mayor Bryan Baum.  We looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything, and definitely not anything viral, on the internet about whatever he’s referring to here.  This would be called lying, wishful thinking, or delusional.  Perhaps one of his left-wing pals posted something on their personal blog, but we couldn’t find it, and that surely wouldn’t qualify as viral.

The obvious answer to this question is that we replace councilmembers like Sean McCoy, Sarah Levison, and Brian Hansen with something more reasonable and representative to the values of Longmont residents.  This also is the ultimate example of the pot calling the kettle black.  “Running off at the mouth” is Mr. McCoy’s specialty.  Just a quick look at the universe of examples on our YouTube Channel should convince you of that.

The above further highlights the 3+ year embarrassment that is Ward 3 councilmember Sean McCoy.  This November 1st, strip him of his seat and the $1,000 a month (what, you didn’t know that?) we are paying him to harass and insult the citizens of Longmont.

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