Plugging ears, closing eyes not a winning strategy

If only they’d cover their mouths

Last week it was Longmont Area Democrat President John Bigger telling his flock to turn its collective heads and not be “sucked in” to, well, basically the truth told about their candidates.  This week it’s fellow LAD member Kay (sic) Fissinger in the Times-Call – that paper she claims is of the evil Lehman spawn – basically parroting the strategy of “close your eyes” and “cover your ears”.  

Similarly to Mr. Bigger, Ms. Fissinger is a relative newcomer to Longmont politics, but these two sure know how to tell the rest of us how it is.  She wastes no time calling four current councilmembers “right-wing“, but doesn’t equally call her three favorite councilmembers the “left-wing” label they so rightly deserve (Sean McCoy, Brian Hansen, and Sarah Levison).  They’ve worked that for four years, no need to hide from it now that it’s election time.

And similarly to Mr. Bigger she whines that there might be mailers trying to divide Democrats.  Again, no one needs to do that.  It is and has already been occurring.  Why?  Ms. Fissinger and the rest of LAD need only look in the mirror for those reasons.  Just like Ms. Fissinger claims that Tea Partiers aren’t representative of rank-and-file Republicans, the same can be said of left-wing ideologues like herself, LAD, and the three current councilmembers they want reelected, that are not representative of rank-and-file Democrats.  So any sane and thinking Democrat in Longmont should not consider retaining these three councilmembers.  It’s really as simple as that, but if Ms. Fissinger and others want to attribute their upcoming political defeat to “outside influences” – well, whatever helps them sleep at night.

That being said, I have no idea how this upcoming local election is going to go.  With multiple candidates in two of the races, all bets are off on those.  It’s pretty tough to handicap three-way races, and more than likely a couple candidates will win with less than a majority of the vote.  Yet if you read Ms. Fissinger carefully, she’s all but conceding defeat for her slate of Liberal/Progressives, and/or that you are too stupid to ignore campaign ads.  Luckily no one takes her seriously, how could one when she says the following about Sean McCoy:  “He is committed to clean, open, and honest government.”  Yes, he is committed – or at least should be, along with some of his supporters.

If you’ve read nothing above, read this, I’ll break it down for you and make it really simple.  Ms. Fissinger and her ilk think they are the present and future of Longmont politics based on one election, the election of 2007.  That was four long years ago.  A reminder of that election:  one of their candidates lost (Benker to Lange for Mayor), and only one got a majority (McCoy).  Shortly on the heels of that there was a special election in January 2008 where their candidate, Richard Juday, soundly lost to Gabe Santos.  Things only got worse in 2009 when all of their candidates got trounced and Karen Benker was booted from office.

Yet you’d think after reading diatribes from Ms. Fissinger, Mr. Bigger, and the rest that they own this town politically!  I’m not saying one side or the other “owns” this town, but the hubris for relatively short time residents to claim it is pretty ridiculous I’m sure you’d agree.

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