Airport Noise Complaint Visual Map

The recent update to LongmontAirport.Com‘s Noise Complaint Log‘s doesn’t do it justice.  Below is a visual representation of the noise complaints for 2010 and 2011.

That’s a clickable Google Map, RED equals 100+ complaints, YELLOW equals 10-99 complaints, and BLUE equals less than 10 complaints (single complaints are not included).  You may notice most of the complaints are outside Longmont (in GREEN shading) city limits (42 to be exact, 12 are within city limits).

All of the info on this map is public record, and those making the complaints volunteered their information for record keeping purposes.  This map helps put the noise complaints in perspective.  With one or two exceptions, these complaints were filed by people who moved into their property after the airport was built in it’s present location.  A map like this would have been useful while shopping for their home, as it will be for those in the future.

Any mistakes on names, addresses, and phone numbers need to be taken up with the report receiving authority (City of Longmont), as they mirror the information provided.

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