Baum Council ahead of green extremism

Admin noteAs we watch the fantasies of green activists being increasingly exposed, many Longmonters are noting the foresight of the present City Council in stopping these distorted programs before they were to wreak further economic damage on our city. We’ve already covered solar rebates in this blog; today, a guest contributor reminds us of the failed DaVinci Quest…  
Remember the “DaVinci Quest” contest that the current City Council failed to endorse?. Where are they now? The website still says the contest is happening in Longmont, but their events calendar hasn’t had an item added since February 2010. I was reminded of DaVinci Quest when I saw this recent article.

Very similar idea…give teams a bunch of money to, in this case build (instead of renovate/retrofit) an “affordable green energy” home. The problem is hundreds of thousands of dollars were wasted because the homes are ridiculously expensive, extremely small and the green technologies don’t work (ironic pictures of solar panels being rained on, on a dreary cloud-blanketed day – so much for that great “free energy from the sun”).

The decision for our Council to not endorse this project was the right one. It’s fun now to look back at the hatred and lies spewed by the lefties. To see that once again, they were absolutely wrong. “I wonder if we can sue the Council members for damages when this project goes big and we’re locked out of any juicy deals.” Yes – feel free to launch that suit anytime. That blog post should be added to the list of biggest EPIC FAILS (a tag attached to the blog post – turned out it was true) ever pushed by its author.

We’ve seen plenty of discussion about decisions of the previous Council that worked to put our city in the economic mess that the current Council has been working to get us out of, but now it’s time to highlight the decisions that this Council has voted on that the left (to use their terms) “screeched” about that proved to be the right choice. This one is at the top of the list. Next on the list? Booting the subsidies for solar companies by way of denying matching funds for a Solar Rebate program. Solyndra anyone?

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