Responding to the letter writing ignorati

As an “agenda-setter”, as opposed to the usual “responders”, I’m going to once again make the rare response to some responses to my observations.  Starting to see why the site name was changed to “Lightning Rod“?  Read the tagline at the top of this page again:  “a person or thing that attracts and absorbs powerful and esp. negative or hostile feelings, opinions, etc.”  
My detractors rarely can let a statement by me go by the wayside, they just have to be heard in response.  Tip: most people don’t care about your opinion, or mine for that matter.  Another tip: based on the last couple of elections, most voters seem to agree with mine.  I know this second tip drives em nuts, but if what occurs what I think will occur in the upcoming election, they may as well just check themselves in to the nuthouse now.

So, two writers to the Times-Call are trying feebly to counter actual facts and numbers I provided in a story about Longmont City Councilmember Brian Hansen.  It always cracks me up when this occurs, they know the numbers don’t lie, but just can’t deal with having their hand-picked councilmembers taken to task over their actual actions, statements, and voting records.  The first example is what we call “deflection” by a Don Boyer.  Who is he?  Don’t know, don’t care.

While deflecting from the real and large (and verifiable) contributions that councilmembers Hansen, Levison, and McCoy got from a single entity, he brings up the large total contributions received by other councilmembers from hundreds of mostly private citizens.  So Mr. Boyer is, probably by accident, proving the point that the “band of three” are funded by special interest contributors that are small in number but large in dollar amount.  I thought these leftists were against that?!  He’s also proving that councilmembers Baum, Sammoury, Santos, and Witt have more broadbased grassroots support from “little people”.  Bravo!

Mr. Boyer also mistakenly states that the current council approved the new Walmart and Sams Club.  First, there is no Sams Club, but more importantly that location was approved long before the current council was even campaigning!  If not, that was the fastest Walmart ever approved and built in the history of the planet.  See what kind of dolts I have to correct?  Either get your facts straight, or keep your embarrassingly incorrect ideas and concepts to yourself.

Now this was a shocker, Mr. Boyer attended the “progressive” debate at a “progressive” facility.  He’s right, I suggested serious candidates not show up, and they didn’t.  It will be quite humorous when those four candidates win on Nov. 1.  Or even 3 of them, or even 2 of them.  But I have to thank Mr. Boyer for asking the obviously agenda-based question about realtors getting favorable treatment from this council.  Sarah Levison answered the way she did, which Mr. Boyer called “evasively“, because it’s the truth:  there haven’t been any favorable votes for the Longmont Association of Realtors from the current council.  Show me one.  On the other hand there was a clear and unmistakable vote from the “bloc of four” from their largest contributor.  Go ahead, look it up, I’ll wait.

Just because Mr. Boyer says it’s “in the voting record” doesn’t make it so.  Wouldn’t Councilmember Levison jump on that opportunity as an “I told you so” moment?  Of course she would, it would prove her quest to amend the LFCPA was just, which it wasn’t.  Alright, done with this moron, on to the next.

Next up is Karen Benker Fan Club President Don Coulson.  He obviously still harbors some resentment towards me over her catastrophic 2009 election performance.  Glad to be of service.  He also disliked me pointing out real and verifiable facts about Councilmember Brian Hansen.  He even went as far as suggested that I need to apologize for writing about the truth – fat chance.  But he has his selected truths because “he asked“.  Not sure who he asked, maybe the confused person in the mirror.

See, I don’t have to “ask“, I was there, we all witnessed it.  And when someone is up for re-election, that is when we consider things such as this – even if it was way back in 2007 when Mr. Hansen was elected.  It was the actions a year later in 2008 that are just as much at issue.

As far as him complaining about mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs “stiffing” some Twin Peaks Charter Academy kids – I got my info straight from someone who was actually there and witnessed the entire sad affair.  Mr. Coulson asked Mr. Coombs about this and he said it wasn’t a measly $5, it was a measly $10!  So he DID go and change a $20 from an ATM!  Thanks for verifying he’s still a tightwad, a slightly less tightwad, but one nonetheless.  I had heard from sources that Mr. Coombs was quite disturbed by being exposed about this the morning after it ran and was scrambling to make a larger contribution.  Once again, the classic case of being upset not by what one did, but by being caught.

But I thank the above writers and the Times-Call for basically reinforcing the point of my original letter and proving it’s validity.  I also thank the above for bringing traffic and possibly new readers to this site.  I’ve never advertised, and with help like that I’ll never have to!

Now go ahead and take a long walk off a short pier.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You should really post links to these two letters to the editor. They are hilarious. Mr Coulson is all over the place in his respnse to you, it’s comical. He speaks about your “targeting” elected officials (which by the way, isn’t the responsibility of a citizen voter and taxpayer to hold their elected officials accountable?) Based on how often Mr Coulson writes the Times Call about you…YOU, a private citizen are his target. I find that so funny.

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