Sean McCoy called “immoral” and “anti-religious” by neighboring mayor

Continuing the story of Longmont City Councilmember Sean McCoy‘s anti-religious activities, here’s another video where Mr. McCoy takes great offense at being called “immoral” and “anti-religious” (along with councilmembers Benker, Hansen, and Levison) by (now former) Firestone Mayor Mike Simone.  

This was also covered on Longmont Advocate in “Longmont/Firestone Dustup Pt. 3“.  Here’s part of it:  “To be fair, is it possible Mr. McCoy was truly outraged over being called “anti-religious” ? Absolutely. I assume most public officials are concerned with the image they put out. They wouldn’t want to be publicly called ” anti-religious”, true or not, for fear of alienating over half of their constituents. Then again, insulting constituents is getting to be a regular occurrence for Mr. McCoy. Let’s now add leaders from other cities and the press to the list…

As they say, the truth hurts.  Or maybe Mr. McCoy is just anti-certain-religious institutions and cherry picks his favorites and his votes on council favor one over the other.  Either way it’s pretty despicable and voters in Longmont need to…


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