Sean McCoy’s continuous assault on religion

Longmont City Councilmember Sean McCoy, either directly or through his loyal mouthpieces, has been on a 4 year tirade against certain religious institutions.  In the following video, and as reported at Longmont Advocate, Sean McCoy makes some veiled insults towards LifeBridge Christian Church in the discussion about a different church that was applying for some improvements:

The hateful assault of LifeBridge by Sean McCoy and his attack dogs is well documented, just Google “Sean McCoy LifeBridge” – everything there also applies to current candidates Brian Hansen and Sarah Levison, their treatment of LifeBridge was despicable.  Everyone, religious or not, should take issue with this.

Below is one of Sean McCoy’s biggest supporters, as well as a supporter for Karen Benker, Sarah Levison, and Brian Hansen.  Ask any of the above councilmembers their opinion of “What’s In It For Longmont?”  This group lead the charge against LifeBridge with some of the most hateful anti-religious activity this city has probably ever seen.  The “Benker Bloc” completely supported this groups activities.

Sean McCoy took offense to being called out for his anti-religious statements, activities, and voting record.  But it’s unmistakable and unforgivable.  Nothing he says about his own, or other councilmembers, religious affiliations matter – the record speaks for itself.  This is textbook liberal/progressive cherry picking of what kind of religion is acceptable, and what kind is not and needs to be struck down.  Global Warming is more of a religion to them than an institution that’s been in Longmont in one form or another for 100 years.


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