Campaign Sign Warfare: 2011 Edition

In the October 7, 2011 Times-Call it was reported that people are going around stealing campaign signs from certain candidates.  Regular readers of this blog or its predecessor will know this is nothing new.  And once again it’s coming from one side – our local liberal/progressives.
Almost exactly two years ago the same thing occurred during the 2009 local election which was written about here at Longmont Advocate.  Back then, Karen Benker supporters, most notably current Longmont Area Democrat (LAD) president John Bigger, were witnessed placing Benker signs directly in front of Katie Witt signs in locations Ms. Witt had received landowner approval to place.  And in other places Katie Witt signs were just removed and thrown to the ground – no one witnessed who did that.

I have no reason to doubt the same element is responsible for the current situation of campaign sign theft.  Why? First off, who’s signs are being stolen?  Are they from across the political spectrum?  No.  They are Mayor Bryan Baum‘s, and candidates Brian Bagley and Heath Carroll.  These candidates are a threat to the LAD and liberal/progressive candidates Dennis Coombs, Brian Hansen, and Sarah Levison.

This tactic of stealing or covering up signs didn’t work out so well for Karen Benker’s volunteers as she lost by about 20%.  I think it will be tough for any candidate to win by 20% in the races that have more than two candidates (like Bagley and Carroll), why are Hansen and Levison’s supporters so concerned about yard signs?  This kind of desperation is a good sign for those candidates having signs stolen.

In the Times-Call article did you hear Coombs, Hansen, or Levison speaking out against this despicable behavior?  Nope, not a peep.  You want to know why?  Here’s a dirty little secret that the above – along with Sean McCoy and Karen Benker – don’t want you to know:  They love it.  They are fully aware that some of the rottenest elements in Longmont are doing their dirty, and in this case illegal, work for them.  They’ve been witnessed telling them what a good job they are doing and they’d never tell them to stop.  This is the rabble of Longmont, and the above named candidates, councilmembers, and former councilmembers completely sanction what they do and are doing.

When I write things like the above, and just about anything else for that matter, I always put on my Devils Advocate hat and ask “could they say the same thing about me?”  First off, I’m not a member of any club or organization.  I don’t have little coffee klatches with groups like LAD, or worse, regularly scheduled meetings, to scheme and devise.  I want to see ALL yard signs as it’s a barometer of candidate support.  I don’t go around threatening people I don’t agree with.  And I’d never want to silence my opposition – and this last one is key here in Longmont.

This leftist element in the city needs to be seen and heard as I feel that if enough voters in town hear and see the crap they spew on a regular basis they will have little to no support at the polls.  Need proof?  Their supported candidates were soundly stomped in the special election of 2008 and the regular 2009 election.  I think they feel they are about to have another bad night this Nov 1, hence the desperation of going so far as to commit crimes.

I’d love to say I know what they’re thinking and what defense there is to resort to this activity, but I’d have to pour some raw sewage between my ears to pull that off.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just a note, a certain welfare queen who lives in the area “affordable housing unit” has signs for McCoy, Coombs and Hansen in her year, although the only one of those candidates that she can legally vote for is Coombs. Just want to point out NONE of her signs have been removed or damaged.

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