Continue the liberal/progressive losing streak

Longmont voters would do well to follow regional and national trends and remove the liberal/progressive cancer that has infested our local government.  The elections of 2006-2008, especially Longmont’s election of ’07, have proven to be an aberration that has left a foul taste in most citizens’ mouths, and voters have been turning back this unseemly tide.
Here are some examples:

  • Recently, there were two special elections.  In New York’s 9th US Congressional District, which is 3-1 Democrat and has not had a Republican represent it since 1922, a Republican won, and it wasn’t that close.  And in Nevada, in an important swing district a Republican won in a landslide
  • All of Virginia’s statewide constitutional offices were won by Republicans in landslide numbers
  • A Republican governor was elected in New Jersey, one of the bluest of blue states
  • A Republican senator was elected in Massachusetts in Ted Kennedy’s old seat
  • In Colorado, Republican Cory Gardner unseated Congresswoman Betsy Markey
  • Republicans took over the Colorado House of Representatives in 2010
  • Republicans took over the United States House of Representatives in 2010
  • And right here in Longmont, voters replaced the liberal/progressive majority in Longmont by unseating Karen Benker and electing Bryan Baum, Katie Witt, Gabe Santos, and Alex Sammoury

Before the above four were even officially in office, the smear machine began and was cheered on to one degree or another by Councilmembers McCoy, Hansen, and Levison.  Their supporters are the same people backing Dennis Coombs for mayor, not based on Mr. Coombs, but only based on their obsessive hatred for Mayor Baum.

Voters should consider the following candidates that include members of both political parties and will bring civility and reason back to our local government:  Mayor:  Bryan Baum.  At-Large: Heath Carroll.  Ward 1: Brian Bagley.  And Ward 3: Bonnie Finley.

The liberal/progressive experiment has been a disaster, join voters nationwide in your vote this year.

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