Councilmember Hansen lies about how he chooses board appointments

At a candidate forum organized by the St. Vrain Valley Latino Coalition on October 20th, the topic of board appointments came up. In a Times Call article, Scott Rochat wrote that “according to the 2010 census, about 25 percent of Longmont’s population is Hispanic. But few of those Hispanics serve on the city’s boards and committees.” 

Ward 1 Councilman Brian Hansen replied to that issue and said that whenever other qualifications were equal, he always voted for a minority appointment.”

That is not true Councilmember Hansen.

Apparently he has forgotten about the highly qualified applicant, who also lives in his ward, that had applied for the Airport Advisory Board and who’s last name is Rodriguez. Councilmember Hansen voted against that candidate by instead voting for someone who didn’t have a Hispanic last name and who didn’t have any airport or aviation related qualifications.

Luckily for the city and it’s residents, he was chosen anyways because he received a majority vote for the position. It was also Mr. Rodriguez (who happens to be my husband) who he and his fellow councilmembers McCoy and Levison repeatedly have tried to have him removed from that appointment. After he had been fairly appointed. Why? Because he’s outspoken about maneuvers just like this one. And is a perfect example of what I was referring to in my Times Call guest opinion piece back on October 10th when I wrote this: “I have watched as all three of these council members have worked to block the appointments of qualified people who volunteer for city boards…it’s time the citizens vote to prevent  their re-elections.”

Neither I nor my husband flaunt our last names in order to obtain positions on city boards and committees, but apparently Councilmember Hansen thinks we should.

I think it’s more appropriate to instead remove council members who conduct this kind of behavior.

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