Dennis Coombs’ denouncements fall on deaf ears

In the October 26, 2011 Times-Call mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs tried to distance himself from the smear and hateful campaign his supporters are carrying out on behalf and to the benefit of his mayoral run.  He also said he’d run a “clean and positive” campaign, which is a little hard to believe considering the repeated shots he’s taken at his opponent, current Mayor Bryan Baum.

First, he was warned repeatedly, either directly or indirectly, of his affiliations with certain people and groups in the city.  When he whined about my writings, which he apparently obsessively keeps an eye on, he was reminded of the even more hateful bloggers he gladly was in bed with.  Well, now they’ve stepped over the line with their ridiculous “dog biting” story and Mr. Coombs is trying to distance himself from that stink with his letter to the editor.  Sorry, it sticks to you Mr. Coombs, you were warned.

Second, he tried to distance himself from the hateful group “Moving Longmont Forward” and the attack mailer they put out on Mayor Baum.  Their contributors are also contributors to Mr. Coombs, as well as elements of Longmont Area Democrats – a group he had no problem with attending their events even though he knew, or at least now knows, what they were capable of (attack politics).  Unlike other candidates, Mr. Coombs was the beneficiary of not just one mailer by Moving Longmont Forward, but two.  Sorry, I just don’t believe he knew nothing about any of this.  If that’s true, he’s seriously out of touch with what’s going on in this city politically – which is what I figured all along anyway.

Lastly, he claims he kept his end of a supposed “gentleman’s agreement” between himself and Mayor Baum to not go after each other.  At nearly every forum or debate Mr. Coombs did not hesitate to make disparaging comments about Mayor Baum.  When given the chance to respond in kind at the Chamber of Commerce event at Silvercreek High School, Mayor Baum would not get in the mud with Mr. Coombs and said he was a friend that he’d not say anything negative about.

If Mr. Coombs seriously and honestly feels he’s run a campaign with “honesty” as he wrote, then he’s either living this campaign season with blinders and earmuffs completely oblivious to what’s going on around him and on behalf of him and has no business being mayor.  The people who have carried out this hate campaign to his benefit, with or without his knowledge, are the kind of people he surrounds himself with.  And the company you keep says a lot about your character – and is even more reason why he should be nowhere near the mayoral chair.

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3 Responses to Dennis Coombs’ denouncements fall on deaf ears

  1. The mayor’s opponent in this race today was quoted in the paper today as not supporting using this issue as a tool in this campaign. Unfortunately, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth and associates with those who do and has been seen doing his door to door campaigning with them.

    Ask him why he met with the blogger “who shall not be named” who offered to create an attack website for him to go after the mayor? While Mr Coombs reportedly declined the offer, why meet with someone, who based on what is posted at the article attack website link clearly has a bone to pick with the mayor, if he intended to conduct a clean campaign?

    Stick to the issues gentlemen. Whether someone appears “rude” or “attacking” or “lacking ethics” is subject to interpretation. Perhaps the voters need to be remind of the real issues and see you both in action at the Silver Creek forum:

    And as for me? Despite what another commenter posted in a TC article, I don’t work for the mayor. He’s my friend. He was told by supporters and former elected officials that this would be the type of things thrown at him during this campaign…and yes, he could have handled this better. He’s a public figure and will be subject to attacks on his character. But, I still support his re-election. And I support NON-partisan elections in Longmont, not those who use their national partisan political platforms as their basis for which candidates they support locally.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I saw a post one of his young campaign volunteers made on the Times Call Facebook page asking them why they weren’t following up on the story. Now that post is conveniently gone.

    So suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure the Coombs campaign doesn’t do any nasty campaigning. The be squeaky clean! Mr Wray is also a frequent “like” to everything over there on the FB page.

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