“Goldilocks” Levison “just wrong” for Longmont

If you are a subscriber to the Times-Call you saw a fairly self-centered and egotistical editorial by Longmont City Councilmember Sarah Levison.  This is par for her course as she’s often referred to herself as the “hardest working member of council.”  Talking endlessly does not equate working hard, it just equates…talking a lot.  But the “Goldilocks” reference she used is apt, but not in the way she means.
Enjoy this YouTube video of an old Fractured Fairy Tale featuring Twisinella Woofinfinkle – aka Goldilocks.  Pay special attention to the line “She was especially careless with things that belonged to other people“, exactly!

This is hilarious and fits Ms. Levison to a tee.  If you saw my recent piece on why she should not be retained on city council, you’ll recall the circular reference.  The part of this cartoon where Goldilocks goes in circles following her own footsteps, for hours, is spot on.  Then, similar to how Ms. Levison has no qualms about suggesting you give up more of what you own to the government, Goldilocks has no problem just walking into some bears home, eating their food, breaking their furniture (“Somebody’s been rocking in my chair, and were they ever heavy“) , and sleeping in their beds.  Hey, why not?  It’s all part of the collective plan.

The rest of her editorial was equally comical, saying how “corporationy” some other members of council are – straight out of the Mockupy Longmont playbook.  She actually had the gall to brag about her horrid changes to Longmont’s campaign law – the one the city got sued over and lost, that one.  Notice all the things she tried to do, and mostly failed due to lack of seconds on her motions or just voted down.  She’s just not in step with Longmont.

Then she shills for her fellow “bloc”heads, and not very convincingly.  Although I liked her description of Sean McCoy as “soft skilled“, I think she misspelled “soft headed”.  Speaking of soft headed, she also endorsed Dennis Coombs for Mayor, who so far hasn’t proven much of anything, except the knack to show up unannounced and uninvited to various events where he usually stands off in the corner and lurks.  Most people wouldn’t know him if they tripped over him, so their reaction must be “who is that guy over there?”

After this election, he’s sure to return to the safety of obscurity.  Councilmembers Levison, McCoy, and Hansen should join him and keep him company.  Hopefully tonight will be the last night we’ll see any of the above in council chambers.  One can hope anyway.

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