Leftwing political committee scrambles to “fix” campaign report

Within about 12 hours of this blog’s reporting of Moving Longmont Forward‘s questionable campaign report and $1,500 contribution by big labor organization AFSCME, their registered agent Teresa Lichti had to scramble to the Longmont City Clerk’s office to amend their report.  Although this was reported as a violation of the LFCPA, it appears the presumption of innocence might be overplayed when there should be a question of honesty.
The complaint reads as follows:  Alleged Violation(s):  Failure to disclose a contribution
A $1500 contribution made by AFSCME to Moving Longmont Forward was received on 10/14/11, which is during the 2nd reporting period which closed on 10/15/11.  MLF made their amended 2nd period report on 10/19/11 but did not report this contribution.  It was reported on 10/26/11 in their 3rd report, 12 days after the contribution was received.  Also, this AFSCME contribution was not reported as a “political committee contribution” on Schedule A.

This violation was supposedly remedied by Ms. Lichti producing a check from AFSCME that was dated 10/14/11 and received on 10/17/11.  Then why did she report just one day earlier that it was received on 10/14/11?  And that 10/14/11 date clearly falls into the 2nd reporting period, yet was put in the box of 3rd reporting period on their report.  I see now that there’s no “Amended 3rd Report”, they just lined through 10/14/11 and wrote 10/17/11.  See for yourself.
You may also notice at the top of this report that there’s a check box for PERIOD 4, not PERIOD 3, that is until this is just lined through also.  At what point does the City Clerks Office not assume “honest mistakes”?  These sure aren’t the only “flaws” in their reports – which will be written about soon, and have been reported to the City Clerk and the Times-Call.  These, though, won’t be so easy to weasel out of.
In my opinion, Ms. Lichti and her leftwing operatives at Moving Longmont Forward didn’t want it known that they received big labor, outside-of-Longmont funding to carry out their hate crusade against Mayor Bryan Baum – while also advocating for Dennis Coombs, Sarah Levison, Sean McCoy, and Brian Hansen.  Or at least not have it released to the public until less than a week before the election.
On its face, read literally, there were irregularities in the campaign reports for Moving Longmont Forward.  Or Ms. Lichti can just play the innocent and ignorant card, which the former is unlikely while the latter isn’t.  Added to the upcoming complaints against this group, at some point the City Clerks Office will have to enforce our campaign law or what’s the point of having it and its associated fines?
Or, next time I get ticketed for running a stop sign, I should just ask the officer if I could just back up or go around the block and stop at it next time.  Pretty ridiculous, right?
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  1. JCH says:

    Another possibility is Incompetence? What’s that saying about birds of a feather?

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