Longmont Area Dems support pastor’s anti-Mormon position

Racial and religious tolerance is never very high on the list of most liberal/progressives, but Longmont Area Democrats consider it one of their highlights that they showed a virulently anti-Mormon film during their “film series”.
Make no mistake what the point of this was:  apparently they consider Mitt Romney, which everyone knows by know is a Mormon (as if that’s a crime) is a threat to their hero, President Obama.  The sick and twisted fawning the leaders of LAD show this man would be funny if it wasn’t so scary.  So while going after anyone who might unseat him, why not go after every aspect of his life?  Well, Mitt Romney’s race can’t be taken advantage of, but his religious beliefs…now that’s easy!

So, LAD is right in line with some pastor named Robert Jeffress who made some pretty stupid remarks about Mormons.  But he’s free to have and share those opinions, as is LAD, and we’re free to make sure as many people as possible hear these opinions.

For some reason, I’ve befriended a lot of Mormons throughout my life – and they are always without question some of the most decent people I’ve ever known.  I have used their outstanding genealogical references from time to time and have seen what a great benefit it is.  With religion and politics, I don’t go around asking people’s affiliations or pushing mine on them.  As far as politics go, I’m pretty much an open book and people don’t have to ask – although you’d be surprised how often they get it wrong.  And while I may try to persuade people with my style, I really don’t care who buys it and how they’re registered.  Take it or leave it.

With religion, and that includes anti-religion or atheists, don’t push it on me and I wont push it on you.  One of the things I’ve often noticed about LDS members that I’ve known is a) they know I’m not a member of that church, b) don’t try to push it on me, and c) still are decent and helpful people.  What do our local liberal/progressives do by comparison?  Not much, except are basically the loud and annoying rabble that we occasionally see around town with their ragtag hoards of losers.

In the same blog entry where they tout their anti-Mormon movie event, they pretend to say they don’t specifically endorse any local candidates.  Sure they do, and their members Tweet and Blog about who they support.  To no surprise they support Democrats!

So if you share in their intolerance, you will probably want to vote for Dennis Coombs for Mayor, and Sarah Levison, Sean McCoy, and Brian Hansen for city council.  Until these candidates distance themselves from this kind of hatred and intolerance, the stink will remain with them.  By that do I mean all Democrats?  Of course not and anyone who thinks that doesn’t have an elevator that goes to the top floor…or are LAD members, which would imply both.

Always glad to help clear these things up.

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3 Responses to Longmont Area Dems support pastor’s anti-Mormon position

  1. Anonymous says:

    I equated Robert Jeffress comment as that of the Romans describing Christians 2000 years ago. I’m not Mormon, but I do believe in religious tolerance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The 1st Baptist Church in Dallas is the “Buckle on the Bible Belt”. One of its former pastors, WA Criswell, proclaimed in a sermon that if John F. Kennedy were elected president, the USA would be turned over to the pope! Jeffress is simply following in the footsteps laid down before.

  3. Independent says:

    Most democrats in Longmont and elsewhere are not anti-Mormom. Most democrats are against Mitt Romney because he supports present-day large corporate business practices. Large corporations’ tight-fisted fiscal policies have obstructed job growth, and passed on the blame to President Obama for our country’s failed economic growth. The Republican-dominated U.S. Senate behaves like it is stuck in the Terrible-Two stage, having just learned the word No. No this, No that. I won’t and you can’t make me! So there! It has not acted in the best interest of our country. It has selfishly worked toward the goal of complete Republican control, damn we everyday citizens struggling to stay in the middle class.
    Romney is out of touch with the United States population. He is part of an elite group that doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Their God is the almighty dollar. This is why the Occupy movement has taken hold and won’t let go.
    I am a college-educated, voting Independent.

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