McCoy joins anti-American protest on Main St

One brave soul walked through the rabble on Main Street at the Occupy Longmont with an American flag and put it on YouTube.  He said he was disappointed that no one waved or honked at him or the flag, I say he was lucky no one spat on it and threw it to the ground.
First, here’s the video.  I don’t know who the person who narrates it or uploaded it is, but good job.

You may not know some of those faces, but I do, and lets just say it’s not exactly a broad spectrum of Longmont citizens.  First off there’s Longmont City Councilmember Sean McCoy, and it appears he’s even wearing his city council name tag.  Does the city or other councilmembers endorse this protest?  And make no mistake, this protest IS anti-American in that it is anti-capitalism.  Any of you being fooled into thinking it’s anything else are…well, being fooled.

But the best part of the video is when the person taking this video stumbles upon former Longmont City Councilmember Tom McCoy.  Of course he’s wearing a nametag telling people to vote for his son.  When told that the problem with this country is too much spending he disagrees.  In that he must be part of the 1% who agree with him.  Notice his threatening “MAKE THEM PAY” sign, this coming from a guy, along with his buffoon of a son, who’ve made a living in the public sector being kept in a job by a union and paid with taxpayer dollars.

Finally there’s Longmont Area Democrat President John Bigger.  His sign proclaims he’s “one of the 99%”, and coincidentally the sign next to him says “Burden“!  What are the odds?  Based on his past behavior I’m shocked he didn’t try to “take things outside” with the person taking this video, maybe he realized he was outside, never know.

And these three are indeed outside, outside the mainstream of the majority of Longmont voters and citizens.  Their 99% rally represented less than 1% of Longmont residents.  Their radical views represent even less than that.  And Sean McCoy dares to call everyone else part of some “small, radical fringe“?

He rolled up his sleeves today and showed his anti-American, class warfare self in all its glory.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What are they protesting? Do they even know? Why is a Longmont City Council member protesting with his badge on?

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