Moving Longmont Forward…with attack mailers

It’s good to see the double-standard bearing hypocrites in Longmont still have somewhat of a pulse.  Possibly coming soon to a mailbox near you is an attack mailer aimed at Mayor Bryan Baum by an innocuous sounding political committee called “Moving Longmont Forward” or MLF.  This is a group of liberal/progressives who are obviously a hateful and angry group based on the mailer they sent out.

Here’s the true brilliance of this mailer:  If it’s sent to fellow liberal/progressives it is just preaching to the already twisted choir and will not change a vote.  If it’s sent to the rest of Longmont citizens, which are either middle-of-the-road or conservatives, or the non-political, it will offend them and probably turn out more of the vote for Mayor Baum.  And if anyone actually types in it will go to a website supportive of Mayor Baum!  These people are not smart by any stretch.  I found it humorous that they picked a name that my wife and I have used in our online writings several times over the last few years – so I registered the domain!

Who are they?  Glad you asked and glad to share.  Ah, the joys of being a “public person” and now I get to share that experience with others.  MLF’s registered agent is one Teresa Lichti and according to the City Clerks Office MLF is based at 740 Brookside Drive, Longmont – coincidentally Ms. Lichti’s home address.  She’s the front, or stool pigeon, for this rabid group of hardcore lefties, congratulations.  The donors names (here’s the link to see all of their names, address, and contributions) include some of the more detestable people in the area with last names like Benker, Juday, Malloy, and Leise.

But also, many of these donors are also donors for Mayor Baum’s opponent Dennis Coombs, as some of them maxed out with him so they threw hundreds of dollars at this political committee.  For instance Don and Jerilyn Wilson gave a staggering combined $800!  Stephen Szabo  $710, Lee and Beverly Springer $505, Richard and Darcy Juday $450, Joan Peck $300, and Shari Malloy $270.  This committee is nothing but a Coombs slush fund.

Even more interesting was the (so far) $619 in “non-itemized” contributions.  In other words, amounts from people unknown.  This accounts for over 17% of their total contributions and appears shady.  What or who are they trying to hide?  Only one other candidate or committee has nearly that amount (Sarah Levison at $1,197), and remember these are the same people that decried big money and unknown funds coming into our campaigns.  That’s the double standard hypocrite part.

There is much more coming down the pike on this committee, the mistakes and lies in their mailer, and more on this “non-itemized” contribution problem.  Stay tuned, this is gonna get good…

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  1. JCH says:

    Good work. Great links. As always, you do your homework (and it really chaps their hides).

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