Santos: Bagley better for Ward 1

(The following ran in the Friday September 30, 2011 Times-Callemphasis added)

Each of us who has the honor and privilege of serving on the Longmont City Council should remember that a key part of serving residents is communicating with them. When a member of the public calls Brian Hansen‘s city cellphone number, they hear the following words: “This is Longmont City Council member Brian Hansen. You can call me between 8 and 10 a.m. Monday and Tuesday at this number. Please do not leave a message at this number.”   (Also on this site at this link)

It would be difficult to display less regard for the voice of the public than what is shown in the contents of this message. Most would agree that any business owner who left a message like this for his customers would not stay in business very long and one can only imagine what would happen if a business owner received such a message from one of their employees.

This message is just a particularly egregious example of Councilman Hansen’s missing status as representative of Ward 1. In addition to rarely attending events on behalf of Ward 1, both local businesses and individuals are frustrated by his failure to return emails or phone calls. This should not be a surprise given he goes so far as to tell the public not to leave him a message. The city’s Municipal Code divides the city into three wards, each of which is supposed to have its own council member. Representation does not exist when a council member refuses to communicate with the residents he supposedly works for.

Brian Bagley is a strong individual who will provide the people of Ward 1 the representation they are entitled to and have failed to receive from Brian Hansen. Brian Bagley deserves the vote of the people of Ward 1.


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2 Responses to Santos: Bagley better for Ward 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    Councilman BH is a smart guy, Ph. D., and a small business owner trying to make it on his own. Ironically, he’s closer to an Ayn Rand theme here than a lot of those on the right would like to admit. But I get the feeling that BH just doesn’t like dealing with people. He’s perfect happy at Council meetings discussing energy technologies and recycling policy but when it comes to interfacing with constituents, he’s just plain uncomfortable. For this reason, I was very surprised to see him run for re-election. I’m guessing that his backing-party convinced him to re-up, on the grounds that the incumbent usually has the advantage.

  2. I hear this complaint a lot. Councilman Hansen is also my Ward 1representative yeah right. There is so much material online to show that Council Hansen is not effectively representing our ward.

    Ironically, shortly after the last election, Brian Hansen told a newly elected councilperson to remember who their constituents were. Guess he himself forgets.

    On a related note…last year, during a break in a Longmont City Council mtg, I witnessed Brian Hansen being asked by the webmaster of Free Range Longmont and it’s usual shrieker contributor Kaye Fissinger what he thought of their far left website. He replied to them “You’ve got some good stuff on there” …this was shortly after Kaye had written one of her typical attack pieces, this one called “Mayor Baum, you are a liar”

    And who can forget back in 2008 how he mistakenly misvoted for a Cable Trust Board and was yelled at by then councilwoman Karen Benker:

    Nor can you forget how out of touch Hansen is with his constituents who years ago repeatedly said that the redevelopment of the Twin Peaks Mall and a new theater were important (back when it was actually more likely to be viable) Hansen’s suggestion:

    Brian Hansen should never have ran for relection. Many were shocked that he did. Apparently it’s only the partisans in this town, who need him to be a placeholder and token vote, who wanted him to run again. There is a widely circulated picture of him when he won holding up four fingers to signify that the partisan group he was part of had a four vote majority on council. Before the issues are even presented before council? Funny.

    So what about his constituents? Based on his “do not leave a message” …He doesn’t want to hear from them. Hopefully he will finally hear them when they vote him OUT next month.

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