Yellow Scene makes some surprise endorsements

I occasionally check out the Yellow Scene magazine.  They’ve been somewhat fair to me over the years, and even gave me one of the first write-ups of my first blog, Wrongmont, and it was positive.  I think it’s pretty universally accepted to say they lean to the left politically, so to say some of its recent endorsements for Longmont City Council was a surprise is putting it lightly.

The first two are not surprises:  Dennis Coombs for Mayor and Sarah Levison for At-Large, although the reasoning for Mr. Coombs is a bit unrealistic and thin.  They said, “YS votes for Dennis Coombs because of his focus on boosting council’s civility and collaboration.”  They must not be watching the same campaign, or the recent Silver Creek HS candidate forum, that the rest of us are watching.

He has been making cheap shots towards current Mayor Bryan Baum during the entire campaign, yet when given the chance to respond in kind Mayor Baum took the high road and said he wouldn’t speak against Mr. Coombs.  Mr. Coombs’ supporters have overplayed and fabricated much of what they consider uncivil behavior by Mayor Baum.  They didn’t like the guy from before he was even elected, why he gives them the time of day is beyond me – then again I’m not an elected official, I don’t have to be politically correct to these cretins.

But Ward 1 is where the surprises begin.  Apparently the rumor, correction, truth of Brian Hansen‘s total lack of communication with constituents has grown some legs.  YS writes: “He admits he is not at his best when it comes to returning emails and being contacted by phone.” and “We could not endorse the incumbent, Hansen, because of his inability or unwillingness to be accessible—by phone or email—to residents.”  Hit the nail right on the head with that one.  Their endorsement of Suzzanne Painter based on “a ton of promise” is a little weak though.  I’m sure she’s a nice lady, but I’ve mostly heard a lot of vague generalities in the two forums that I’ve heard her speak at.

Then there’s Ward 3.  It must have been all they do to withhold telling it like it is when it comes to Sean McCoy.  They said: “While a Google search for this candidate can turn up some nasty sites...” (you’re welcome)  and “YS votes for Bonnie Finley because she better conveyed her ideas and knowledge about bringing in and supporting business. She sees potential while McCoy sees doubt.” (LRod emphasis).  So, they went easy on Sean McCoy when they could have easily made the case that he has been the most divisive councilmember possibly in all of Longmont’s history.

More than likely Yellow Scene wasn’t aware of the forum at the Regressive Center where Sean McCoy attacked Ward 1 (not McCoy’s Ward 3) candidate John Daniels, who is pretty young and obviously new to all of this, and has not been seen or heard from since. And Mr. McCoy has the nerve to accuse others of being bullies?

But I applaud Yellow Scene for interviewing the candidates and making some unconventional picks.  Watch out though, Sean McCoy has been known to target publications that cross him, just ask the Times-Call.

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