Hatred, jealousy, and bigotry alive and well on the Longmont Left

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Again, welcome to Longmont Politics.  And by the traffic numbers both on this site and the downloads of the KRCN 1060AM radio show we’ve been on, we’re off to a great start.  By design, this site links to Longmont related political stories mostly from other sources.  But occasionally we’ll throw in some opinion of our own.  Like this.
Have you ever noticed (late Andy Rooney voice) how when some people get what they want, say, like win an election, they actually get angrier and more agitated?  The local left was in full celebration mode when Barack Obama won the 2008 election, and even more so when Dennis Coombs won the mayors seat just recently.  Yes, I realize they got their collective asses kicked in the local 2009 election, but stick with me here.

If you read the diatribes on their website, and it’s pretty much been reduced to a single joke of a website, or watch them rant at council after they got the vote they wanted (fracking moratorium) you would come to the correct conclusion that they have gone off the rails.  And it’s not a FasTracks-type light rail, it’s heavy with hatred, jealousy, and bigotry.  Like I’ve said repeatedly, the best way to prove the point is to just repeat what they say and do – the rest takes care of itself.

Here are some examples:  With each new endeavor I embark on, once the obsessive haters in town find out about it they do all they can to torpedo and minimize it.  Thankfully it never works and actually has the opposite effect as each new endeavor gets more traffic than the previous.  Without any fanfare or advertising, I agreed to go on Main St Radio/Longmont Live (which airs every Monday from 6pm-7pm on AM1060) with the warning to the hosts that the haters will be following behind me like the cockroaches they are – but also the possibility of higher listenership (if there is such a word).  While it’s hard to measure who’s listening to the radio, it’s not hard to see downloads of the show and clicks on links to get the RSS feed.  I have this tied to my old podcast and downloads are up across the board.

And predictably, with the traffic comes the screwballs.  We keep it fairly lighthearted and occasionally self-deprecating on the show, so when the host called former Mayor Bryan Baum the “has-been mayor” and Bryan repeated it, the obsessive haters went to town.  The host also called me “doctor“, I’m not a doctor.  But in the process of repeating the audio of that quote, they created an MP3 file and essentially stole audio without permission and posted it on their website without any citation to the show, station, or owners of the copyrights. This will be dealt with, but this is just one length to which they will go.

I’ve been dealing with the veiled bigotry from these people for years, and I’m about the only “blogger” they are referring to when they use the term.  So this little gem from M. Douglas Wray speaks for itself:  “Put your money where your mouth is, not in the pockets of greasy-haired hack bloggers and mouthy thugs.”  I don’t put any grease products in my hair, so this is a racial stereotype.  Activity like this is why I wrote City Council and suggested they don’t let this person anywhere near any advisory boards.  Like a coward, he pulled his name at the last minute.  Smart, considering last time he got 1 vote from council and that councilmember no longer resides on council.

City Council was wise to also not throw a single vote towards others (Strider BenstonJohn Bigger, and Sean McCoy) that are equally part of the problem, not the solution, and not retain the Chairperson of the Board of Environmental Affairs Kaye Fissinger, who couldn’t muster a majority of votes.  The applicant I suggested to them, Richard Yale, should bring needed balance to a board that had been throwing its weight around a little too much in the last few years.

So, in retrospect I guess they do have a few things to be ticked about.  But their loss is Longmont’s gain.  It’s a shame that grown-ups have to resort to what these people comfortably slide back into when dealing with adversity.  It just drives them nuts that Bryan Baum – after losing an election where he raised more money than any other candidate in Longmont history, and received the second highest votes in Longmont history, and only lost by less than 200 votes out of over 20,000 votes – can still be on the radio, laugh it up, and have a good time.  And then their new mayor doesn’t do their bidding and they are swept from advisory boards.

Perhaps a better fitting motto should grace their website:  Progressively Bitter News.


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