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I read with amusement in the Times-Call, and saw on TV during a recent council meeting, the musings of Longmont Area Democrat (LAD) President and Vice-President John & Judy Bigger in regards to the outcome of Longmont’s election.  Maybe they’re not aware that when Mayor Dennis Coombs denounced certain campaign activity that he was, in all reality, talking about them and their cohorts.

In a November 4, 2011 Times-Call article, then Mayor-elect Coombs said the following: “I would never condone a political attack ad or bringing up of that year-old unfortunate dog story incident“.  I wrote Mr. Coombs and acknowledged that this took a lot of guts and that his tenure as mayor was off to a promising start.

The two items he denounced have a direct and indirect connection to varying degrees to the leadership and membership of LAD.  The “political attack ad” was a mailer put out by a political committee called Moving Longmont Forward, who has as its registered agent Teresa Lichti, a close friend of the Biggers.  You would be surprised by the connections here in Longmont.

Who helped fund this political attack ad?  Current and former members of LAD, former Longmont City Councilmember Karen Benker, so-called “Longmont Campaign Civility Committee” founder Richard Juday, the large Washington D.C. based union AFSCME, as well as other various miscreants and malcontents.  Mr. Coombs was right in denouncing them.

And the “year-old unfortunate dog story incident”?  That was the handiwork of blogger/activists Kaye Fissinger and M. Douglas Wray, whose website features most of the same people above.  Even in the face of an evolving story, they decided that some mistakes weren’t worth correcting because it might not have helped their agenda-driven hit-piece.  Unfortunately, the Times-Call bit (pun intended) on this shady story.  According to the Times-Call story, “(M. Douglas) Wray said he knows he hasn’t kept the political discourse civil on his blogs and did not feel any obligation to update the blog with information about the judgment being paid because he is a blogger, not a journalist.”  Thanks for giving the rest of us bloggers a bad name.

Again, Mr. Coombs was right in denouncing this as well.

Mr. Coombs did not need to make this statement, he won, the race was over.  By making this statement, he risks angering a fairly unbalanced segment of Longmont.  Unfortunately, these were also the people who helped him get elected in their own nefarious way.  These are the people I’ve written about endlessly, and that any serious candidate or representative should steer as far away from – for this very reason.

(The following paragraph was edited out on the Times-Call)
As a reminder, before the candidates who won in 2009 were even sworn in, then LAD President Jonathan Singer posted on their website a letter by LAD member Shari Malloy saying that we should all “pray for locusts” and asked that everyone “wear blue” to every city council meeting, essentially beginning a two year protest of the 2009 election.  These are the adult children in our midst.

I pledged to Mr. Coombs that I would not do what Mayor Baum’s detractors did to him for over 2 years.  That’s how grown-ups operate, regardless if your candidates won or lost.

While I plan on giving Mayor Coombs the benefit of the doubt as he begins his tenure, that courtesy will not be extended to those he rightly denounced.  That’s not sour grapes or being a sore loser.  I consider this election a success as the majority went from 4-3 to 5-2 and I’d take Coombs/Levison over McCoy/Hansen any day.  I suspect civility on council will be greatly increased due to the makeup of this council.

But to see those who caused the most incivility in the last two years hoping for some mass amnesia to their underhanded activities is something that just isn’t going to happen.  By shining a light on them and their actions, it should help pave the way for this council to get down to the business of running the city in a productive way for the benefit of all citizens.

Or at least the ones who reallywant to move Longmont forward.

Chris Rodriguez
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