Mayor Coombs: “Tax the hell out of us now”

As if we didn’t know it already,  Longmont Mayor Dennis Coombs has once again shown he’s a mere sock puppet for local hard left progressive ideologues.

The latest proof came with Coombs’ absurd suggestion regarding the passage of a sales tax increase to fund RTD FasTracks.  It’s a plan that at best can promise Northwest Rail to Longmont in an unfathomable 2028-2034 timeframe.

From a Times-Call March 21st storyon latest RTD/FasTracks committee proposals…
 Longmont Mayor Dennis Coombs said should the sales tax fail, the 2042 completion date would be the same as “never.” It might make sense to push for an even  higher eight-tenths tax, he said, to speed the construction along.

 “Tax the hell out of us now and get it over with,” Coombs said. “But that’s just my personal opinion. I don’t think that’s going to fly.”

Tax, tax, tax–that’s all the liberal progressive mind can think about to accomplish their utopian dreams for society.  Problem is, it takes your dollar to achieve these fantasies.  As former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously put it,  “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. ”

I continue to note a curious strong support of FasTracks by many on the far left, no matter what the cost or however long it takes to complete.   Really this is no surprise, since the underlying objective of the progressive agenda is to cram people into high-density housing and have you walk or use mass transit to and from work.  Heaven forbid that you live in the suburbs and drive an SUV–that gives a person too much freedom and liberty to carry out their lives in the manner they wish.

The time has come for Longmont City Council to pass a resolution in opposition to any proposed FasTracks sales tax increase.  Better yet, in light of the latest Northwest Rail proposals, it’s time to seriously consider the legal and financial avenues of getting out of RTD/Fastracks altogether.

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