Anti-frackers fret early

The anti-frackers exaggerated fears for our cities.

It seems a foolish play for Longmont’s anti-frackers to have a total fracking ban placed on the ballot this November.

First, they are showing their hand too early with this petition drive.  If I were city council and staff, I’d emphasize that a painstaking effort has taken place for months to come up with a compromise that best serves Longmont.  Working issues are still on the table.

But no, the anti-frackers want to go for an all-out fracking ban, and stubbornly so.  Council should say OK, you want to play hardball?  We will now allow the moratorium to expire on June 16 and drop all proposed oil & gas regulations.   The state’s official process can take over, and lots ‘o luck in getting a majority of Longmont voters, who lean pro-energy and pro-business, to pass a fracking ban.

What’s more, it’s a General and Presidential Election this November with a loaded ballot, never good for passing a local initiative that is highly questionable in the first place.  The Regional Transportation District (RTD) steered clear of an additional FasTracks sales tax proposal in November 2012 for much this same reason.

The latest thrust by Longmont’s anti-fracking contingent somewhat reminds me of the progressives/unionists shaky attempt to recall Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker.  The election will take place next Tuesday, and practically all indications are that Gov. Walker will survive the vote despite the big union protests and money.

Don’t kid yourselves, local anti-fracking extremism is rooted in reactionary progressive ideology, typically lacking in truthreason, and promoting the stifling of America’s free and fair markets.

Dave Larison, Longmont

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