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Life is good, especially when you flush out those that never should have been part of your daily existence.  This includes former friends, political enemies, and even some that may be political allies.  The offers and requests for getting back into, or remaining in, the political game haven’t slowed, but my response has been the same: no thanks.  Like I said, life is good.

Dealing with political friends and foes over the last 10 years has taught me much about human nature, who you can and can’t trust, and the fickleness of the electorate.  We’ve made some new friends worth keeping and shed some old ones that were never worth having in the first place.  Just like I hate wasting time, I hate “waste” period, and wasting time on people that are basically human waste is doubly irritating.  But enough about them, why waste more time?

Not included in that group are some of the fine people I’ve helped, in varying degrees, to get elected to Longmont City Council – and a couple that didn’t.  In some instances it was damn near strategizing much of the campaign, in others it was helping out once or twice in small ways.  In all cases it was made clear they owed me nothing and once elected they were expected to just do the job they were elected to do with no interference – from me anyway.  I was glad to be a soundboard or friendly ear if they needed it, but it was rare for me to contact them.

I didn’t always agree with their votes, positions, or statements – some more than others – but they weren’t ever intended to be puppets or mirrors, although I think they were expected to be so by others.  I’m not going to delve into the “old guard” issue, it’s been covered already and I don’t have much more to say about them.  Well, except they’ve kind of blown it.  They don’t care for free agents or wildcards like me, apparently not easy enough to control, but we get things done, which I think bothers them even more.  But enough about them.

Voluntary staying out of the mix (a self-imposed jaunt into the wilderness) I don’t have inside info on who’s running for what and who’s not, other than what’s been made public.  That may be the only thing I miss as I like to make predictions on what’s going to occur.  Part of the reason I remained mostly on the sidelines in the 2012 season was because of what I saw coming – and I was asked to, and even vetted for, work in the Romney campaign.  I turned it down.  Not that I didn’t think he was the better candidate, but I was unsure about his team and strategy, and even more unsure about the selfish electorate that would just rather get more free stuff.

The electorate locally was even more pathetic.  I’m not saying the majority of people in Longmont are imbeciles, just the majority who turned out and voted.  Whether there is hydraulic fracturing (fracking) or not doesn’t affect me, my family, or my bottom line.  That as many people would so easily be sucked into the idiocy of a ban that will get laughed out of court (then again, you never know with some judges) tells me the level of imbecility amongst us.  Why not vote to declare the sky a different color while you’re at it?  Votes on idiotic, mundane, and irrelevant things like this are part of that whole time wasting thing I can’t stand.

But that’s who votes now, and the margin President Obama won by tells me it’s not just a local problem.  The dumbing down of society is accelerating, hope you’re happy with it.  They called the ’70’s the “me generation” and said people in the ’80’s were selfish and vain – well, we’ve got it in spades over both of those decades.  Sad part is that it’s much of those same people from the ’70’s and ’80’s – and their mentally challenged progeny.  I’m not a big fan of the baby boomers, can you tell?

While it would be fun to throw out rumors, it’s pretty obvious from the above why I could never run for any office.  I put it all out on the playing field, and some people just don’t like and can’t handle it.  I considered local politics the last hope for somewhat decent and honest people to serve, and I believe the majority serving and running as both of those things.  But that will get more difficult with a more, let’s just say, moronic electorate putting them into office.  I know that’s not politically correct, but since when have I ever worried about that?

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