Anti-frackers, and their not-so-strange bedfellows

When you anti-frackers are getting together for your coffee klatches, or door-to-door activities to annoy your neighbors, keep in mind you are in interesting company:  enviro-terrorists, Saudi princes, and those that fund the most rabid anti-American forces on the planet.

In a surprisingly candid open letter, a Saudi prince (I don’t really care what his name is) let it out that fracking activities are bad for their countries (and his personal) financial health.  Crocodile tears where shed globally.

Wait a sec, aren’t these the same people that the liberal/progressives said had George W. Bush in their back pocket?  What are they to think?  Who are they to hate here?  So confusing when you have to get direction from, well, a director like Josh Fox or whoever else is providing the propaganda.

The first thing that came to mind when I read that article was our local Chicken Little‘s screeching about Peak Oil.  Remember that?  Or is it in the cobwebs of your memory, oh, sort of like Global Cooling and the coming Ice Age?  I’m not sure what’s harder, keeping up with the moronic “what is it now” catastrophic flavor-of-the-day, or being one of those crybabies and coming up with what will kill us next.  And they make fun of those who think global terrorism is a real issue.  Well, based on actual events (do we really need to list them all), it’s more real than the dreamt up fantasies of these leftist kooks.

So, if any Saudi princes or anyone else who profits from the U.S.’s over-reliance on foreign oil is reading this:  Be afraid, be very afraid.  Maybe, just maybe finally this country is tired of giving away too much money to people who hate us, our lifestyles, and our heritage.  Don’t worry though, you have an ally in the anti-American anti-frackers here.  They stand shoulder to shoulder with you, they even sabotage fracking pads – you would be proud.

We know some of our oil money has gone to terrorist organizations that have killed American military members and civilians.  Your allies over here know that, too, and remain steadfast in their solidarity with you.  May less and less American dollars flow your way as more gas and oil flow out of our own ground.

Even though less foreign oil would mean less oil tankers and the accidents that accompany them, your ally here still remains on your side, as they pretend to care about the environment.  (Knowing reading comprehension and remaining sober for long periods of time is not their strong suit, I’ll remind some readers that by “ally” I mean you anti-fracking quasi-jihadists).

Yes, Longmont – or more specifically those that supported and voted for the fracking ban – is on the cutting edge of siding with anti-American forces and providing a shoulder to cry on for Saudi princes worried about their billions of dollars.  Congratulations.  Is there no limit to who you’ll get into bed with to push your causes?  Apparently not.

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