Denver Post editorial bad news for rabid fractivists

Now that the enviro-nutjobs have thrown Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper under their short bus (until he’s up for reelection, of course) when it comes to fracking, they’ll now have to add the never right-leaning Denver Post to their enemies list.

In a July 21st editorial entitled “Reassuring news on fracking front“, they used sentences like: “But the idea that widespread fracking is poisoning drinking water supplies is — so far at least — an unsubstantiated charge by opponents, and it should be reassuring to the public that another study has confirmed this.”  This obviously is bad news for those that use emotion rather than science and fact to make their arguments.

It troubles me when people who perhaps have a shred of intelligence get sucked into the emotional argument when it comes to this issue.  I cut some of these people a little bit of slack compared to others as the propagandists out there, like Josh Fox, are pretty good at pulling wool over others eyes, sort of like Michael Moore.  Those two may be true believers in what they’re pushing, that doesn’t make them right, just makes them propagandists trying to make a buck off a bunch of suckers.  They have nothing in P.T. Barnum.

I don’t normally spend a lot of time in Weld County, mostly Boulder and Larimer Counties, but I’ve been out there a lot lately.  I’ve been in a lot of neighborhoods and have seen a lot of drilling/fracking operations.  By a lot, I mean a lot, this coming from a guy who’s not a Chicken Little on the subject.  What I found most interesting, and almost humorous, was how not only were they not trying to hide the pads and wells – they were highlighting and almost celebrating them!  Some seemed to be focal points of subdivisions, taking the place of a small park in a roundabout.  All they were missing were neon or blinking lights.  Not at all what I expected.

And you know what, it didn’t bother me.  Then again, neither does airplane noise…

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