Where’s Waldo?

Ya know, was going to avoid the political ramifications of the Longmont Flood of 2013, but here goes anyway:

This is probably a once in a lifetime event for most, and a historic, while tragic, event for Longmont to be sure. Many people are suffering, many more are unsure of what’s going on and how bad things are – or aren’t. We are a city of nearly 90,000 people and are in the news all over the world because of the little creek that could (St. Vrain River), and did.

I know for a fact that if the former mayor Bryan Baum was the current mayor, he’d have already addressed citizens and news agencies by any means possible – whether in print, internet, radio, and TV. Our current mayor Dennis Coombs is either AWOL or whatever he’s doing is so far behind the scenes no one’s aware of it. The latter is fine, but the citizens want the reassurance of their leaders and want to see them and hear from them. Mayor Coombs has been invisible as far as I and others can tell.

That is not acceptable. It’s obvious from watching him that he’s not as comfortable in front of a microphone or camera as our former mayor, but that’s no excuse in a time like this. This is a time to show not only leadership, but at the very least as a leader of a large city that you are at least here somewhere in the city. We’ve heard from city staff and other council members – why the least from the mayor?

Get in the game or get out, simple as that.

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