Coombs’ agenda not in Longmont’s best interests

Mayor Coombs, who proclaims himself the “Mayor for everybody” on his website, apparently doesn’t think too highly of a fairly substantial segment of Longmont residents.

Granted, if you are an illegal alien, he’s for you with his support of the Dream Act – a federal, not local, issue.  If your issue is gay marriage, again, he’s for you as he signed on with the U.S. Conference of Mayors saying as much – not that City Council had a say in that or that anyone was clamoring for him to put his position and the city behind this issue.

Those two groups combined probably don’t equal the amount of Tea Party or more conservative types in Longmont, yet Mayor Coombs felt it necessary to insult them during the recent candidate forum – and was booed for it.  Maybe Mayor Coombs is unaware that, contrary to his fellow leftists sexually derogatory terms, that TEA actually stands for “Taxed Enough Already”.  He obviously doesn’t think we’re taxed enough already based on his comment about RTD and FasTracks:  “Tax the hell out of us now and get it over with” (Times-Call 3/21/12).  Do you feel undertaxed?  Does Mayor Coombs speak for you on the above issues?

Maybe Mayor Coombs should stick to local issues where City Council actually has some jurisdiction – not illegal aliens, marriage equality, and the federal government shutdown.

Better yet, we should elect someone who doesn’t take the “deer in the headlights” approach to governance as Mr. Coombs has done for 2 years.  Voters gave him a chance, but now it’s time to elect someone that puts Longmont first – not national left-wing agendas.

Vote for Bryan Baum for Mayor.

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