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I always get a chuckle when one of the lefty screwballs in the area point out that I used to run this or that website, as if I’m ashamed of it.  (Hint: I’m not).  I even point out over there in the upper right-hand corner all of the former sites I’ve run throughout the years.  I’m glad to see the entries from those sites still get traffic.

Some may assume I had to change site names for one reason or another, that I had to dupe readers into thinking they were reading some new site from some new guy.  Of course the flaw in that logic is I sign my real name to all of the entries on those sites.  I changed site names over the years partly out of boredom, short attention span, strategy, whatever.

While I have been on the local scene longer than most bloggers (some have come and gone, some came after and copy), part of the reason for changes is to not bore readers.  I don’t feel the need to be heard on every topic in the local area.  Many speakers at local council meetings might want to heed that advice – nobody wants to hear you all the time on every subject.  I’m well aware of reader burnout or fatigue – I get it myself with some people, even people I like or agree with.

Some sites were subject-specific, oh, like UnElectMcCoy – a stunning success if I may say so myself.  Some were evolutions, like Wrongmont into Longmont Advocate and then Longmont Politics – more politically correct and friendly names – but the same content more or less.  This latest name, LightningRod Blog, is a move away from local issues and into regional and national ones – as this will be my last election in Longmont.

WHAT?!  Yes, haters you read that right.  I’m not a hanger-on, always like to change things up.  I’m not arrogant enough to say the city needed or needs me – it didn’t and doesn’t.  Overall I think Longmont is in fairly good hands – in spite of a shift to more easily swayed and inept voters in the last couple of elections.

But as many have said over the years, the city isn’t really run by City Council but by the City Manager and upper staff.  In the past that meant the abysmal tag team of Pedrow and DelVecchio.  Our current City Manager Harold Dominguez showed what a leader looked like during our recent flooding disaster – and what a leader doesn’t look like in current mayor Dennis Coombs.  Mr. Dominguez has put together a good team – minus some of the old Pedrow holdovers – and they should be able to overcome this crisis and any future crises from lousy future councilmembers.

But back to the topic at hand.  As I move onto other ventures (or none at all) I’ve enjoyed the friends I’ve made and the people I’ve thoroughly irritated.  I kept my word with people and many goals were achieved – and I make zero apologies.  One area the city is worse off is in the local newspaper, the Times-Call.  It’s a shell of its former self, which should be a bonanza for alternate media.  But alas, there isn’t a lot available in that department.  So someone needs to step up to the plate.

More later…


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