Christensen, aka “Polly Progressive”, off to worst start ever for Longmont councilmember

You don’t have to take my word for it, but newly elected Polly Christensen – who’s now earned the moniker “Polly Progressive” (hat tip The Coyote) – easily has had the worst start of any Longmont city councilmember.  And that’s saying something considering Sean McCoy once sat on that council.  Here’s a recap of what’s gone on, with links and tweets galore.  But first, this awesome YouTube video:

The letter that started it all:
Polly Christensen letter to Bob Goff

Times-Call article with all the comments: New Longmont councilwoman Christensen reprimanded Abbondanza over Baum sign





Is this what they’re teaching kids now? Take no responsibility for your own words/actions?

Knew it wouldn’t be long before the Clown Prince of Longmont weighed in.

…more as they become available, definitely an evolving story as more allegations against Polly Progressive are rumored to be forthcoming.

Longmont plans $81 million of building for 2014 (Christensen continued) 11/19/13 Times-Call

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