Home Rule does not equal Mob Rule

The loud cry of the progressive left on the international scale right down to Longmont is democracy…democracy…democracy!


This may sound admirable, but there is one important caveat: Democracy only works under the Rule of Law. Otherwise, mob rule results (see Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt). The Founders knew this well in crafting the U.S. Constitution. 

Here in Longmont, we know all too well that a year ago, 60% of voters approved Question 300 (city fracking ban). The fear mongering enviro-left was successful in coercing gullible people against the supposed evils of fracking on many fronts (it kills your children!) and has subsequently vilified any person or candidate who had genuine reason to oppose the ban.


Longmont is a Home Rule city in Colorado, but that doesn’t mean a charter amendment is valid if not deemed to obey the Rule of Law, or more precisely the state and federal constitutions. This is for the courts to decide, and it may turn out that oil & gas companies have every right to not be banned from extracting the minerals they own by use of fracking.

The bottom line here is that we are not a pure democracy on any level, despite the cries of the left. If 60% of Longmont voters supported prostitution within city limits, would that make it legal in our charter? Thank God for the Rule of Law established from the inception of our nation.

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