The Longmont Years: 2007-2008 YourHub, LifeBridge, The Bloc, Longmont Advocate, Vote!Longmont, and podcasting

In the previous post, I talked about how we came to end up in Longmont and the beginnings of my (and our, including my wife) various activities there, specifically in the political arena.  This next section only covers 2 years, but insanely busy and active years they were, read on…

By late 2006, Wrongmont.Com was plodding along on its last legs as I’d pretty much lost interest in maintaining it.  I’m not the kind of person who needs to be heard on every subject and make appearances at city council meetings just so people know I’m still around.  As shocking as it may sound, I’m not an attention whore or drama queen.  There are people I know of who could take a tip from that.

By this time I was occasionally submitting letters to the paper, getting the occasional hate mail or phone call, but things were fairly quiet.  I had started to contribute articles to the now defunct YourHub (ran by Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News) as well as the also defunct East Boulder County Politics website.  I didn’t hold anything back, and this was where many of the head-butting with the local leftists would begin.  Instead of running the other way (like many of those leftists cowards would eventually do) it strengthened my resolve and I got more active and my writing went up tenfold – both in quantity and quality.

2007 – LifeBridge and the Bloc of 4
I mentioned in the previous post about people asking me for help, but one area I got embroiled in, the LifeBridge Christian Church annexation, I was not asked for help but I dove in head first because I smelled a rat.  Turns out it was a whole group of leftwing hateful anti-religious rats.  I knew LBCC would not fight back in the manner required, so I did it myself (along with others), and it was a “take no prisoners”, scorched Earth approach.  One I’m still proud of because of all the rats and cockroaches we smoked out in the process.

These “locusts” didn’t just go after the church, but also their members.  I’m not a member of that church, but that didn’t matter.  My kids had used their facilities before for sports and get-togethers and I knew they had a good and decent operation.  These cretins attacking them offer nothing by comparison, then as well as now.  I was going to get right down in the mud with them and make sure they regretted it.  In return they went on their own crusade attacking anyone who disagreed with them.

This activity of theirs was the first nail in the coffin for East Boulder County Politics, when they got fairly racist towards me in the comment section (we knew who they were, by the way, and they’re rotting somewhere right about now or soon will), which was a shame as the writers on that site spanned the spectrum of politics.  Of course they went after me in other places but I gave back as good as I got.  Along the way I started to make a lot of new friends and allies, people I’d never known but apparently had been following me.  This would come in handy later.

This anti-religious group helped get elected an equally anti-religious and anti-growth majority on council.  This was the beginning of partisan politics in Longmont, as they wore their liberal/progressive ideologies on their sleeves.  I, along with others, would hang this around their necks in fairly short order.  This was the infamous “Benker Bloc” or “Bloc of 4” elected in 2007.  Due to that election, there was a special election in early 2008 and this was where we’d make a stand.  Too many people slept through the ’07 election but they woke up for this special election, and a Benker Bloc fellow leftist was soundly defeated.

The months following the ’08 Special Election were busy ones.  I had made a lot of new friends because of that election cycle, and many still were not fond of the Wrongmont name, so I was in search of a new name.  As I pondered that, I came up with Vote!Longmont as a joint venture with my wife and we soon got certified at the Secretary of State’s Office as a VRD (voter registration drive) to register voters, and kept up a website with information to help local voters know what was on the ballot – although we didn’t endorse anyone or any issue.

While I was looking for a new site name, I read a Newt Gingrich book about being active in local politics and came across a term he used, “citizen advocate“, and it fairly described what I was already doing.  After conferring with a friend on the name Longmont Citizen Advocate, I dropped the middle word and Longmont Advocate was born.  While building the Vote!Longmont and Longmont Advocate websites, I decided I wanted to try something new.

I had already broken quite a bit of ground on alternative media in Boulder County (according to the Yellow Scene publication), and had plenty of copycats to show for it.  Now I wanted to leapfrog them again and turn to audio – a podcast to be specific.  While I was getting that up and running I got a call from former Times-Call reporter and YourHub editor Travis Henry (on April Fools Day of all days) asking if I wanted to join a new media venture called Examiner.Com.  He said I would be in the first class of seven or so, and wanted me to be the Boulder County Examiner.

We had a long talk and I reminded him that Wrongmont in my mind basically was Boulder County, and I was no fan of the county by any means.  I told him about my site name change (going live that day) and the podcast and we agreed on me becoming the Longmont Examiner instead.  My output for the first half of 2008 was staggering, but the combination of Longmont Advocate blogging/podcasting, Vote!Longmont, and Longmont Examiner was a lot of work, and within about 8 months I pulled the plug on the podcast, transferred the Examiner job to my wife, and let her take over most of Vote!Longmont.

As 2008 was winding down and with the national election coming up, I did more writing on national issues and candidates.  After the election, my wife Brigette kicked her involvement in Longmont Examiner into high gear and would do so for a few years.  December saw the last podcast (although not advertised as such) and I came back to Examiner.Com as the Denver Aviation Examiner, where I vastly increased my readership from my previous local blogging.

I was fairly burned out on local politics and blogging about it, and figured I was done with it.  Turns out this Examiner gig was just a temporary vacation from local politics and there was much more in store for me.  More of that in the next installation…

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