Harassment from Kim Gibbs and Citizens For Quiet Skies

Here’s a subject I thought I’d never write about again, and notice I haven’t blogged for over a year.  But I’ve attended 2 of the 5 days in the court case of CFQS et al VS Mile-Hi Skydiving (and my wife’s attended all 5 with books of notes), and I’ve heard just about enough bullflop.  One thing in particular really got a chuckle out of me when my name kept coming up in court, and a particular blog entry was entered into evidence.  If you read that entry, and I assume the judge will now that it’s part of the case, you’ll see it’s the opposite of what Ms. Gibbs and her attorneys claims it is.

They are trying to make the case that I, through that post, was harassing anti-MHS/airport people, or the noise complainers.  But in reality it points out the harassment the anti-MHS/airport people have made towards myself, MHS, and airport users.  So I couldn’t be happier that the judge may consider this article in her ruling.  But there’s way more, and most I never posted, nor did MHS attorneys get a copy of – most of which I completely forgot about.  While I was on the witness list for CFQS, I was never subpoenaed – and I was right there in court if needed.  But since they were throwing around emails in court, here’s one I found that may be of interest – too bad the judge didn’t see this one.  This is public record as it was sent to Longmont City Council and Staff(emphasis added by me)


Ms. Gibbs,
I’m glad you attached all the other correspondence we’ve had to City Council, as I am doing. I have asked you repeatedly to stop contact with myself and only follow the proper channels as specified on the city’s website, but you refuse. I was out of town so I didn’t see your city council appearance, but you need to be aware that you are yourself engaging in “outright lies” as you put it and I expect a full public apology in the same venues (city council and blog sites) that you told these lies. Regardless of what you think, I did NOT post what you claim on the Longmont Airport Facebook page. As my wife told you back on May 10th (as she banned you for harassing behavior on that page), that I started that page, but I do not manage it, rarely post to it, and don’t approve or disapprove of posts put up there by others. It’s a fan page for the airport, that’s all.

It has been heard by a few people from city staff that you indeed said what that post alleges, but regardless, again, I did NOT post that – so you are spreading a lie and demanding my removal from a city board based on a lie.

I stopped personal contact with you because of another lie (that you had to apologize for) that you told about my wife, Brigette. There you also claimed that someone (she) wrote something inflammatory about your group – except it was before your group existed AND it wasn’t by her anyway. You also had to apologize for your supportive comments made by a speaker at one of our board meetings who said “THIS IS WAR” over the runway extension simply because your emotions got the better of you (your words, not mine). I don’t have to make your group look like “extremists and meanies”(her term), you undermine your own cause due to irrational and anti-social behavior. Your group has built NO positive relationship with this community. That’s not to say the noise issues you bring up don’t have some merit, a point I’ve agreed with you on, but the approach taken as pointed out in this email and your own words destroys any credibility.

You claim that my conduct makes me unsuitable for a leadership position in the city. But on the other hand when I tried to cut any personal contact with you due to your inflammatory and derisive behavior towards my wife and I, YOU asked that I don’t “unfriend” you and that I was your ear on the board, in so many words. You are fully aware from your attendance at our meetings, and our correspondence, that I tried to help the situation with different suggestions (even motions) to change the patterns and a different runway extension that would have helped the people west of the airport. As you said, I’ve been more than cordial with you and respond to everything in a timely manner – that is, until you crossed the line. I did notice you left out this 7/16 email to council:

I’ve been mulling over your email. Seems to me we have different perspectives. It is you, not me, who have attacked innocent people. You are the one who can’t seem to get the facts straight. You are the one who incites harassment with your mean-spirited rants. You are the one shouting down anyone who dares to complain about the very real noise problem. You are the one giving Mile-Hi the attaboy for sending the silly bumper stickers.
And it is you who wrote this outright lie –
“So for those in the “Quiet Skies” group apparently calling for it’s admin (and current airport advisory board chairman) Chris Rodriguez to delete it and the main websiteLongmontAirport.com … last time we checked…the 1st amendment is still allowed under the law :)”
I am asking you to set the record straight today.

Here is another lie – I did not give an “atta boy” to Mile-Hi for their bumper sticker, nor do I sport one on my vehicle. I even said publicly that this kind of thing doesn’t help. Other commenters liked the bumper sticker and the post on Facebook about it, but that’s their opinion and not under our control – and again, free speech.

I invite any council member to go over the Airport Advisory Board meeting minutes, attend our meetings, and visit the Longmont Airport Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/LongmontAirport , LongmontAirport.Com, or Twitter www.twitter.com/longmontairport where there are disclaimers that none are affiliated with the City of Longmont, or the Airport Advisory Board, and that it’s mostly informational, educational, and promotional for the airport – and not a rant site.

I also demand a full public apology from Ms. Gibbs and another request to the end of the continuing harassment of this board and its members. Again, I request any further communications from Ms. Gibbs go through the board liaison so it’s all public record.

Chris Rodriguez
Chairman, Airport Advisory Board


Anyone who has read my articles over a 10+ year period, whether they agree with me or not, know I’m a big fan of open records, sunshine laws, and transparency.  I assume everything I write and say could be read or heard by anyone, so I put my name on everything and make it as public as possible.  Publishing the names and addresses of those who used the city’s server to lodge noise complaints is not harassment or intimidation.  It is all public record, and still is, until the city purges it for whatever reason.  I have said repeatedly that there are legitimate noise complaints, there always are around airports.  There are also non-legitimate noise complaints – like those done in an automated fashion when no airplanes are even flying.  Then there are those by people not dealing with a full deck.  People that have become over-sensitive to a certain sound.  People who have become obsessive and dread that sound before it even occurs.  We’ve seen that rationale on the stand in the form of the plaintiffs in this case.

I warned Ms. Gibbs about her people becoming “radicalized”, and she’s helped steer them down that road.  Contrary to what people may think, Ms. Gibbs and myself have had lots of conversations both public and via email.  I’m just starting to sift through those many emails and I’m reminded how often I tried to give her helpful advice; it wasn’t always adversarial.  But she and her members “jumped the shark” as they say.  Now after seeing them on the stand, and her and her attorneys bringing up and disparaging my wife and I again, I guess I only have one thing to say about her and her fellow plaintiffs: sometimes bad things happen to bad people.

I don’t know how this case will end, I suspect it won’t go well for the plaintiffs but it is a single lawyer in a robe that will rule on this, if it’s based on emotion it could go either way.  In reality it should never have gone this far, and I should amend calling the anti-MHS/airport people “pitchfork vigilantes” and “jihadists“.  They have proven to be far worse.


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