Perjury by Kim Gibbs and plaintiffs?

In Judge Judith LaBuda‘s chambers in Boulder County Court, there was a parade of plaintiffs and witnesses for Citizens for Quiet Skies who maintained that they weren’t anti-airport and didn’t want to shut down Longmont’s Vance Brand Airport.  It was obvious this was drilled into them by their attorneys as the question kept coming up and their responses were all the same.  In other words it was staged, and as I’ve written plenty of times I believe they are full of crap.

Why?  Because in their early, and less scripted, days they often said they’d rather just have all the airplanes go away and questioned the viability of even having an airport.

This would include their self-proclaimed “head honcho”, the overly airport and airplane obsessed Kimberly Gibbs (of Gunbarrel, CO).  She followed that conga line of people to the stand saying they didn’t mind the airport, including one guy who claimed to know what musical key the MHS Twin Otter made with its sound, and she said the same thing: “we don’t want to close down the airport“.

Well, her own words at the January 20, 2015 Longmont City Council meeting (just 4 months before her sworn testimony) were just the opposite.  At the 4:03:30 mark of the video she clearly states:  “The other option is to close the airport, and it is an option.

So how is that not perjury?  She and those she directs were asked if they wanted to close the airport down, or they volunteered that they did NOT want to close it down.  Ms. Gibbs read from a written statement in the above video – that she also posted online – just the opposite.

Her attorneys are clearly playing the emotional card to the judge (who happens to have a sister that lives in the airport influence zone), and also portraying the plaintiffs as simple folk (with homes that vary from $430K to multi-million dollar homes with huge tracts of land) who aren’t asking too much (like the closing of an airport and the strangling of a business that will clearly lead to its termination).

Lets hope the judge sees through this charade, and that these literal handful of people don’t speak for the hundreds of thousands of others who live in the county.

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