Trio of Longmont councilmembers don’t deserve re-election

(An edited version of the below was printed in the Times Call “Voices of St. Vrain” Opinion section on 10/7/11)

Our election is less than a month away and there are three council members up for re-election who no longer deserve to represent us because they have made their personal and partisan politics too much of how they govern Longmont. Continue reading

(Video) Longmont shares Air Force General Shelton’s concerns regarding Light Squared

It was revealed this week that Air Force General William Shelton was pressured by the White House to alter his testimony regarding Light Squared, a Virginia based broadband satellite company (and Obama campaign donor) that has plans to build tens of thousands of ground stations for a wireless network. The general had concerns that the proposed wireless service could interfere with the military’s GPS capabilities.

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Obama’s defenders sidestep issue

(As published in the Times Call Opinion section 8/30/11)

It’s wearying to see the letters jumping to the defense of the current president using the argument that previous presidents did the same and future presidents probably will too. But they sidestep the issue that our current president promised to be different and to be the change we can believe in. Continue reading

Left wing attack site compares council candidate statement to shooting range

Longmont funeral home director, business owner and registered Democrat Heath Carroll declared his candidacy for city council this week.

This reaction on Twitter from @freerangelongmt caught my eye:
“Oh yes, we need a Chuck E Cheese in Longmont: – then we’d have two shooting ranges.” Continue reading

Longmont City Councilman seeks re-election

Longmont City Councilman Sean McCoy, who wants to sit in his council chair for four more years, this week declared to a group of mostly family and like minded supporters that he was seeking re-election. According to his statement, he didn’t think his work was done yet.

What work is that?
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