Ouch! $66.6 Million for Boulder County Open Space in 2009

That’s right, while everyone else is cutting back in tough economic times, the enviro-crazed Boulder County commissioners have designated $66.6 million toward open space expenditures in the 2009 county budget.

Much of this money is going to service the massive open space bond debt that has accumulated over decades, now some $200 million. Another $12 million is discreetly earmarked to come from the General Fund–as if the millions of dollars the county takes in from three open space sales taxes isn’t enough. Continue reading

Election 2008: How Longmont Voted

After the dust had settled from the 2008 General Election, I was curious how the city of Longmont’s precincts voted in aggregate on various key races. This specific information was not published anywhere, but with the help of Boulder County’s Election Results 2008 site and some spreadsheet software, I have extracted totals from Longmont’s 57 precincts (#’s174-230). Results are listed below, along with some personal observations on each race. Continue reading