3/25/12 Times Call Opinion: “Approve Longmont Airport Master Plan”

(As printed in the March 25, 2012 Times Call Opinion page)

In the March 13 Times-Call, it was reported “Airport officials have said a longer runway would let Vance Brand serve more of its aircraft more of the time. At Longmont’s elevation, a hot summer day can make it difficult for some planes to take off when fully loaded.”

I’d like to add, despite what I hear repeatedly from NIMBYs, the runway extension isn’t just for billionaire jets. Continue reading

Councilman McCoy’s idiocy hits new heights

Sean McCoy – ignoramus especial

When you are following the law, lets say driving your car, do you consider that “exerting” your rights?  Exercising perhaps – but in the dim view of Longmont City Councilmember Sean McCoy if you are a pilot following FAA guidelines and even Longmont’s own Noise Abatement Procedure, you are barely this side of a felon and/or harasser. Continue reading

McCoy’s behavior an insult to all citizen advisory boards

Something occurred at the October 26, 2010 Longmont City Council meeting that should trouble citizens and members of advisory boards.  Councilmember Sean McCoy gave a public brow beating to Airport Advisory Board chair Howard Morgan.  It’s the same thing he does, repeatedly, to Longmont Area Economic Council president John Cody. Continue reading

Not “flawed”, but CARE-less

For those of you that don’t receive the print edition of the Longmont Times-Call, you missed a barn burner of a Longmont City Council meeting on October 26th.  For some odd reason, it wasn’t in the online edition, which probably would have started a flame war in the comment section anyway.  Allow me to fill you in… Continue reading

Quelling an anti-airport jihad

Been enjoying some time offline and off the grid in the great outdoors, boy do we live in a great state.  But the frantic phone calls and emails worrying I’ve left the scene are a bit premature.  The latest is the ongoing ranting from our anti-airport expansion friends.  With the increasing noise, from them, you’d think that the airport has already expanded tenfold and noise levels are at near-DIA levels.  I’ll give them this much, they have the propaganda skills to ratchet things up incrementally to get casual observers possibly even believing them.  Unfortunately, for them, many of us pretty good BS detectors. Continue reading

Airports and activists: Question motives, agenda of airport detractors

For the record, I am a member of the Airport Advisory Board, but let’s get one thing perfectly clear:  I did not waive my First Amendment rights when I was appointed to this board.  And some of the things that Citizens Against Runway Expansion, or CARE, are saying about the airport Master Plan must be addressed. Continue reading

Most noise coming from airport neighbors

Most of the noise regarding Longmont’s Vance Brand Airport isn’t coming from the airport itself, but from neighbors who aren’t Longmont residents or taxpayers.  No airport complaint-fest would be complete without mentioning it’s #1 detractor farmer, that would be the Zweck property.  They are correct on one point: their family was here before the airport, even before airplanes existed.  The Zweck name predates Longmont itself, and the history of the family is not in question and not being disparaged.  What is inexcusable is the ongoing questionable activity of Tom Zweck, who apparently thinks it’s acceptable behavior to threaten to shoot pilots, including myself, and skydivers.  No one has that birthright, I don’t care who you are.

Despite petition drive, prairie dog fence at Vance Brand Airport in Longmont is removed

Vance Brand Airport prairie dog fence

You knew something was up when many advocates for prairie dogs filed into the Longmont City Council chambers last Tuesday night to make pleas on behalf of the ongoing issue of prairie dogs at Longmont’s Vance Brand Airport. Others channeled world leaders and one was very persistent in being disruptive and placing signs within camera view of the live meeting.

But, speakers also stated that 3,500 people had sent emails and letters in support of the prairie dogs. Continue reading