Harassment from Kim Gibbs and Citizens For Quiet Skies

Here’s a subject I thought I’d never write about again, and notice I haven’t blogged for over a year.  But I’ve attended 2 of the 5 days in the court case of CFQS et al VS Mile-Hi Skydiving (and my wife’s attended all 5 with books of notes), and I’ve heard just about enough bullflop.  One thing in particular really got a chuckle out of me when my name kept coming up in court, and a particular blog entry was entered into evidence.  If you read that entry, and I assume the judge will now that it’s part of the case, you’ll see it’s the opposite of what Ms. Gibbs and her attorneys claims it is. Continue reading

The Longmont Years: 2012-2013 Airport Master Plan success, and plans to move

This is the final installation of the long and winding road of our activities while residing in Longmont, Colorado.  We pick up in early 2012 where we’d already talked about and even came close to moving 6 years prior, but I had one last piece of unfinished business before we left:  coming full circle back to the Vance Brand Airport, where it all began. Continue reading

The Longmont Years: 2000-2006 Coming to Longmont, and Wrongmont

It’s not with a heavy heart, but actually a quite light and airy one, that we bid adieu to the city we’ve called home for the last 13+ years; Longmont, Colorado.  But fear not, I still have to work there for a few more years, live close enough to be affected by it, and may once in a while throw some tax dollars its way.  Happily I’ll be throwing less toward Boulder County. Continue reading

Quelling an anti-airport jihad

Been enjoying some time offline and off the grid in the great outdoors, boy do we live in a great state.  But the frantic phone calls and emails worrying I’ve left the scene are a bit premature.  The latest is the ongoing ranting from our anti-airport expansion friends.  With the increasing noise, from them, you’d think that the airport has already expanded tenfold and noise levels are at near-DIA levels.  I’ll give them this much, they have the propaganda skills to ratchet things up incrementally to get casual observers possibly even believing them.  Unfortunately, for them, many of us pretty good BS detectors. Continue reading

Denver Aviation Examiner signing off

I want to thank Examiner.Com, and especially Nate Ferguson, for the opportunity to be the Denver Aviation Examiner for the last 6 months. I’ve recently resigned due to time constraints, but it’s been a fun ride. I averaged over 5,000 hits a month and went out #4 in my category (Neighborhoods & Culture) nationwide for the year.

But my involvement with them isn’t completely over as I’ll still help the Longmont Examiner (my wife) on local issues – which is where I’ll be focusing the majority of my attention. The opportunity to come back to Examiner is always there (I was the former Longmont Examiner) and their site has a great future in front of them. It’s growing by leaps and bounds and is moving up the Internet charts.

All of my old articles will still be accessible and the links will remain on my websites. The question has been asked (several times for the last 6 months) if my podcast is coming back. It was nearly impossible to do it and the Examiner position at the same time, but anything’s possible. The downloads of the podcast have continued even after my last recording back in December, and the hits and video views on my YouTube channel and especially here at the blog have been steady and increasing (June 16th and 17th were two of the biggest days ever with the radio interview).

While I still believe the written word is king, some occasional audio and video is a possibility. I’ve also been invited to join a bigger Northern Colorado project (…more on that later), so time is always an issue.

…now, on to all the fun in Longmont, there’s plenty to cover.