The answer to Longmont’s prairie dog problem?

What should Longmont do with those pesky varmints known as prairie dogs?  Well, here’s one idea that not only takes them out quick and painlessly, destroys their tunnel system, but also cooks them to a crisp for this great Prairie Dog Chili Festival I keep hearing about.  Hey, if Nederland can party over a frozen dead guy, why not?
The device?

The Rodenator.

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Denver Aviation Examiner signing off

I want to thank Examiner.Com, and especially Nate Ferguson, for the opportunity to be the Denver Aviation Examiner for the last 6 months. I’ve recently resigned due to time constraints, but it’s been a fun ride. I averaged over 5,000 hits a month and went out #4 in my category (Neighborhoods & Culture) nationwide for the year.

But my involvement with them isn’t completely over as I’ll still help the Longmont Examiner (my wife) on local issues – which is where I’ll be focusing the majority of my attention. The opportunity to come back to Examiner is always there (I was the former Longmont Examiner) and their site has a great future in front of them. It’s growing by leaps and bounds and is moving up the Internet charts.

All of my old articles will still be accessible and the links will remain on my websites. The question has been asked (several times for the last 6 months) if my podcast is coming back. It was nearly impossible to do it and the Examiner position at the same time, but anything’s possible. The downloads of the podcast have continued even after my last recording back in December, and the hits and video views on my YouTube channel and especially here at the blog have been steady and increasing (June 16th and 17th were two of the biggest days ever with the radio interview).

While I still believe the written word is king, some occasional audio and video is a possibility. I’ve also been invited to join a bigger Northern Colorado project (…more on that later), so time is always an issue.

…now, on to all the fun in Longmont, there’s plenty to cover.

Crossing the Continental Divide: Hayden/Wolf Creek Passes

One of the more direct and popular ways to cross the Rocky Mountains is over the Wolf Creek Pass.  In this entry about safely crossing the mountains of Colorado, I’ll point out how to accomplish this.  As before, with my previous La Veta Pass entry, I’ll assume the flight is coming from east to west (right to left on the map). Continue reading

Crossing the Continental Divide: La Veta Pass

In my continuing educational series of crossing the Rocky Mountains, up next is the southern route over La VetaLa Manga, and Cumbres passes.  This is one of the safest, and lowest ways over the Continental Divide.  First, here’s a look at the route itself:

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Older pilots that can, and did

Pilot/Newspaperman Hal Wright (CBS News)

CBS News did a story back in 1996 about a man who ran his own newspaper, his name was Hal Wright.  How many people do you know in their 70’s or 80’s who write and deliver their own newspaper?  What made this man even more amazing is that he regularly delivered these newspapers by airplane – he, being the cousin of Orville and Wilbur Wright after all.

Unfortunately, Mr. Wright died in 2000. Continue reading

Aviation Memorial Day activities

When thinking about the men and women who died while in the military service on Memorial Day, don’t forget about the aviators that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  Here are some museums worth checking out.  Some may or may not be open on the actual holiday, but are worth seeing any other day of the year as well. Continue reading

Longmont feels the heat, starts killing prairie dogs

In what’s sure to be yet another hot topic in the city of Longmont, Colorado, the wholesale extermination of prairie dogs at the Vance Brand Airport is under way.  What’s going to be interesting is the interaction between the city staff that moved forward on it, and a few on city council who spoke out against it – and of course a few vocal citizens. Continue reading