Longmont Airport fights prairie dogs and their holes

The following link is to a story done 6/17/09 by Monte Whaley of the Denver Post, in which both myself and my husband Chris were quoted in the article:

Longmont Airport fights prairie dogs and their holes

Also read my related article: “Longmont airport prairie dogs could cost city federal funding

—Brigette Rodriguez

Crossing the Continental Divide: Hayden/Wolf Creek Passes

One of the more direct and popular ways to cross the Rocky Mountains is over the Wolf Creek Pass.  In this entry about safely crossing the mountains of Colorado, I’ll point out how to accomplish this.  As before, with my previous La Veta Pass entry, I’ll assume the flight is coming from east to west (right to left on the map). Continue reading

Crossing the Continental Divide: La Veta Pass

In my continuing educational series of crossing the Rocky Mountains, up next is the southern route over La VetaLa Manga, and Cumbres passes.  This is one of the safest, and lowest ways over the Continental Divide.  First, here’s a look at the route itself:

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Older pilots that can, and did

Pilot/Newspaperman Hal Wright (CBS News)

CBS News did a story back in 1996 about a man who ran his own newspaper, his name was Hal Wright.  How many people do you know in their 70’s or 80’s who write and deliver their own newspaper?  What made this man even more amazing is that he regularly delivered these newspapers by airplane – he, being the cousin of Orville and Wilbur Wright after all.

Unfortunately, Mr. Wright died in 2000. Continue reading

Aviation Memorial Day activities

When thinking about the men and women who died while in the military service on Memorial Day, don’t forget about the aviators that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  Here are some museums worth checking out.  Some may or may not be open on the actual holiday, but are worth seeing any other day of the year as well. Continue reading