Longmont’s prairie dog situation makes national news

The scourge of Longmont’s Vance Brand Airport, its prairie dogs not its vocal pilots, are now national news. FoxNews did a piece called “Cute, Cuddly Menace”.

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Airport Geocaches.Com – geocaching near airports.

Another site of mine that gets lots of traffic, in comparison to the amount of time I put into it, is a website for Geocaching. A few years ago, I came up with a site that combines aviation and geocaching, and have been getting email and requests for additions for years. I was never crazy about the design and requirements for its upkeep, so I’ve completely overhauled it and it’s much easier to update and navigate. It’s called Airport Geocaches, here’s the map of the geocaches I have so far:

View Airport Geocaches in a larger map

So if you’re looking for an excuse to go flying, there’s at least one airport in every state with at least one geocache within walking distance to check out. Enjoy.

Photo-op Air Force One freaks out New Yorkers

I’m sorry, but this Air Force One photo opportunity over Manhattan was stupid on several levels. I’ve flown this complicated airspace, including right down the Hudson River and over the Statute of Liberty. Clearing the bridges, including the George Washington and the Verrazano, which this Boeing 747 also did, and staying below the Class B airspace is tricky enough in a 150mph airplane.

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