Schrenker airplane jumping story gets stranger by the minute

I may have underestimated Marcus Schrenker when I compared him to D.B. Cooper, this is sounding even more convoluted. But first, before getting into the gossip being splashed all over the net, here’s some more info on the flight and the airplane.

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Spirit of D.B. Cooper lives in airplane jumper

Back in 1971, a man named Dan Cooper (forever to be known as “D.B. Cooper) got a couple hundred thousand dollars in ransom and jumped out the back of a Boeing 727. Authorities are still on this unsolved case.

Today comes word that in an equally elaborate scheme, a 38 year old Marcus Schrenker allegedly tried to pull off a Piper Malibu crash while he parachuted before impact.

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Before “24”, Sutherland was an Air Traffic Controller in “Ground Control” (movie review)

I’ve been a fan of aviation related movies since the first “Airport” movie. Of course, any aviation enthusiast will tell you the greatest aviation movie ever made is “Airplane”, but in that one they weren’t necessarily going for authenticity. Since getting into the industry, I do tend to look at these movies now with a more critical eye towards the details. Here I’ll review the 1998 movie “Ground Control” staring Kiefer Sutherland as an Air Traffic Controller.

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What type of aircraft (non-sled) would Santa fly?

I’m sure the question of what kind of aircraft Santa Claus would fly has been pondered in hangars for decades.  NORAD tracked Santa again this year, explaining  “the only logical conclusion is that Santa functions within a different time-space continuum than the rest of us do.”

How about an SR71 Blackbird with hovering capabilities? That’s about what comes to mind when sitting around at work on Christmas Eve and Day at an air traffic control (ATC) facility. Continue reading