FAA: Longer runway at Longmont airport could wait 10 years for funds

There likely will be no money for a runway extension at Vance Brand Municipal Airport for at least 10 years, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Councilman McCoy’s idiocy hits new heights

Sean McCoy – ignoramus especial

When you are following the law, lets say driving your car, do you consider that “exerting” your rights?  Exercising perhaps – but in the dim view of Longmont City Councilmember Sean McCoy if you are a pilot following FAA guidelines and even Longmont’s own Noise Abatement Procedure, you are barely this side of a felon and/or harasser. Continue reading

McCoy’s behavior an insult to all citizen advisory boards

Something occurred at the October 26, 2010 Longmont City Council meeting that should trouble citizens and members of advisory boards.  Councilmember Sean McCoy gave a public brow beating to Airport Advisory Board chair Howard Morgan.  It’s the same thing he does, repeatedly, to Longmont Area Economic Council president John Cody. Continue reading

Not “flawed”, but CARE-less

For those of you that don’t receive the print edition of the Longmont Times-Call, you missed a barn burner of a Longmont City Council meeting on October 26th.  For some odd reason, it wasn’t in the online edition, which probably would have started a flame war in the comment section anyway.  Allow me to fill you in… Continue reading