You’ve always heard it here first

Now that there’s been more than 1000 posts on the Longmont Advocate/LightningRod/Politics sites, and many more previous entries on Chris Rodriguez’s Wrongmont blog, it strikes me how many times the non-politically correct, common sense point of view has proven to be true in the long run vs. the reactionary pushing of underlying agendas.

One of the numerous examples from Chris’s writings – Cooling off a solar flare-up – came in early 2010 when Mayor Bryan Baum was besieged by the local left due to his efforts to halt a program providing solar system rebates to Longmont residential and commercial customers at a cost to the city of $150,000. Continue reading

LP021: Fracking, Chicken, RTD, and solar scams

On Episode 21 of Longmont Politics we talked about the fracking ban gathering enough signatures to make it to the ballot – where it will lose – the Chick-Fil-A backlash on the leftists and radicals and what was really behind it, FasTracks/RTD get an earful from Longmont and Louisville City Councils, and the Abound and Solyndra failures and the real world financial consequences hit locally.

Music played in this show was “Every Little Thing” by Modern Science – courtesy of Music Alley.

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