Want to be on Longmont City Council? 2013 Edition

Right after the 2009 Longmont elections, I wrote a post about the then upcoming 2011 local elections.  Well, we are less than one year away from the 2013 Longmont City Council elections.

As usual, there will be four positions up for reelection, including:
Mayor Dennis Coombs
At-Large/Mayor Pro-Tem Gabe Santos
At-Large Councilmember Alex Sammoury
Ward 2 Councilmember Katie Witt Continue reading

Longmont fracking ban won’t be free

The following appeared in the October 23, 2012 Times-Call.  It was written by four Longmont City Councilmembers speaking for themselves as private citizens.  They raise some good questions, questions I’d like OHOFOL and Food & Water Watch to answer, publicly.   -CRod

The problem with ballot issues is all too often they are narrowly drafted, poorly researched and leave a boatload of unintended consequences.

The problem is compounded when ballot measures are placed in the city charter, rather than in ordinance, because once the unintended consequences are realized they can only be fixed or repaired through successive elections rather than council action. City Council can amend an ordinance; only voters can change something in the charter.

Sammoury shines in otherwise ludicrous council meeting

This is basically Part 2 of 3 of the June 8, 2010 Longmont City Council meeting.  First was “Longmont loons on parade” where I showed a group of citizens basically making themselves look like the south end of a horse.  Thankfully, now I’ll go from shameful to uplifting, as I present you the presentation that Councilmember Alex Sammoury made.  And attention nutjobs:  his name rhymes with the spanish word amore, not Toyota Camry.  This video is solid gold, the best of the group (mainly because the next one of Councilmember Sarah Levison is mostly pathetic). Continue reading

Longmont never leaned left

(The following guest opinion appeared in the November 24, 2009 Longmont Times-Call)

One of my more favorite hobbies is to collect data, sift through and crunch the numbers, and then try to make some sense out of it or look at it in a slightly different way.  I’m a political junkie, especially when it comes to elections, so I’d like to put to rest this falsehood that keeps floating around town. Continue reading

Longmont At-Large Election analysis

There were two city council seats up for grabs in the 2009 Longmont At-Large race.  Everyone in the city was eligible to vote in this race, and got to pick two candidates.  Those candidates were: Gabe Santos (Incumbent At-Large councilmember), Alex Sammoury, Bill Van Dusen, Kaye Fissinger, and Ed Dloughy.  The two candidates who received the most votes were elected.  The final tally came out like this:

Santos        11,048  36.38%
Sammoury   8,149  26.83%
Van Dusen    5,408  17.81%
Fissinger        4,832  15.91%
Dloughy            934  3.08% Continue reading