Validating the vote: Markey votes to raise taxes on job creators

Lame duck one termer Betsy Markey once again voted against her soon-to-be former constituents, hopefully for the last time.  This time she voted to raise taxes on those making more than what Democrats currently consider “rich”, who are also the job creators.  That number is always moving – used to be millionaires actually made a million dollars, then it was $500k, now it’s somewhere around $250k.  Typical Liberal/Progressive class warfare. Continue reading

Shaffer promotes “Heckle A Democrat” tour

Colorado State Senator Brandon Shaffer was kind enough to fill us in on events around the area reminding us why we should not retain any of his pals in their current elected positions.  Mr. Shaffer, in is eloquent, yet meat-headed, way of speaking reminds us that “We are in the throws of the campaign season“.  Yes, blankets for all – that’s what a “throw” is.  Maybe he meant “throes“.  (Is it just me, or does Mr. Shaffer speak, quite similarly to Michael Bennett, like they’ve taken a 2×4 to the side of the head?  Watch the Bennett commercials closely, they’re on constantly, see what I mean – just an observation) Continue reading

Democrats having LBJ moments

“…I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party…”  President Lyndon B. Johnson – March 31, 1968
With the recent announcement by Democrat Michigan congressman Bart Stupak that he wont seek reelection, it continues to be clearer that these members of the House, Senate, and some state Governors (like our own Bill Ritter) put party above country.  If they’re not prostituting themselves for special deals for their states or big money for their campaigns (like our own Betsy Markey and the Service Employees International UnionSEIU), they are taking themselves out and refusing to have their constituents judge them on their recent voting record.  True cowardice.   Continue reading

Dems launch propaganda barrage


After turning one-fifth of the nation’s economy, our once-private health-care system, over to the federal government at God only knows what cost and in defiance of the people’s wishes, the Democrats are frantically attempting to save face by unleashing a propaganda barrage the likes of which this country has never seen. Already their clever handiwork is showing up in the local media. Continue reading

The Left’s provocative victimization scheme

You need to make your own determination on what you believe when it comes to these threats supposedly being made on both sides of the political spectrum.  Based on my own experience I (shockingly) tend not to believe our friends on the left, with good reason:  I’ve caught them lying repeatedly, and have witnessed their tactics first hand.  What’s so humorous is when they cry and whine after someone does to them exactly what they were doing previously. Continue reading

Open letter to Betsy “Pelosi” Markey

I received the following from Chris Treharne of Longmont Watch, a local political advocacy group, and am only too happy to repeat it here.  Feel free to contact Congresswoman Betsy Markey about this issue, never forgetting she votes about 90% of the time with the absolute worse elements of Congress, including her apparent idol and often face-lifted Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi (nod Mark Levin).  Here’s to hoping the unemployment rate in Colorado goes up by one in November (for you sarcastically challenged Progressives/Socialists/various miscreants, that one being Markey).

I am terribly distressed to hear that you are changing your vote on healthcare, which you voted against last year.  Voting for this bill will hurt the very constituency it allegedly will help by endangering the economic and political future of our country.  The unintended consequences will be tragic. Continue reading