Longmont Live! 10/29/12

Longmont Politics‘ Chris Rodriguez showed up for this episode of Longmont Live/Main St. Radio with host Tom Chenault, former Longmont mayor Bryan Baum and education advocate Brad Jolly.  Edible Arrangements also made an appearance on the show.  Recorded at Red Frog Coffee in Longmont, Colorado.

Pommer as sharp as they come?

I rarely comment on, and even rarely write a post about, Open Forum letters in the Times-Call.  But there was one statement made in the Saturday February 20, 2010 Open Forum that was just too much of a hanging slider to pass up on.

A Matthew P. Brandt of Longmont was taking local education advocate Brad Jolly to task for comments he recently made about the St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD).  I followed the original issue very minimally but have found that usually Mr. Jolly is right on the money and has almost been prophetic when it comes to the SVVSD and their missteps.  Like myself, he has a way of polarizing opinions of citizens and takes his fair share of shots because of it, I can respect that. Continue reading


First, Robert Ferenc’s letter, “Cameras don’t know who is driving,” regarding the proposed traffic cameras made a lot of sense. (Note: He and I exchanged barbs recently on another issue.) In addition to the several problems Ferenc cited in questioning the use of these devices, my objection is that the cameras installed for traffic enforcement purposes can easily be converted to provide the government with constant surveillance of the people. Unless we prefer to live in the world of “Big Brother,” I think we can do without the authorities watching our every move. And no, I’m not “for” allowing scofflaws behind the wheel to run amok. Continue reading