Shaffer promotes “Heckle A Democrat” tour

Colorado State Senator Brandon Shaffer was kind enough to fill us in on events around the area reminding us why we should not retain any of his pals in their current elected positions.  Mr. Shaffer, in is eloquent, yet meat-headed, way of speaking reminds us that “We are in the throws of the campaign season“.  Yes, blankets for all – that’s what a “throw” is.  Maybe he meant “throes“.  (Is it just me, or does Mr. Shaffer speak, quite similarly to Michael Bennett, like they’ve taken a 2×4 to the side of the head?  Watch the Bennett commercials closely, they’re on constantly, see what I mean – just an observation) Continue reading

Unabashed favoritism

(Copy of letter e-mailed to both publications.)
The way The Denver Post and Longmont Times-Call are promoting their favorite liberal politicians lately, giving them glowing publicity of the kind and extent that no conservative could ever hope for, I’m wondering what sort of ethical standard for journalistic fairness today’s newspapers follow.

The Post’s display of ecstasy over Mayor Hickenlooper’s gubernatorial candidacy defies description. The syrup oozed all over the front page and spilled over inside. It’s as if we had never seen nor heard of this fellow. Continue reading

2009: What a year!

2009 was quite an eventful year for the City of Longmont, regardless of where you stand on the issues.  Obviously, it was better for some than others.  Personally, it was pretty busy but overall pretty satisfying, too.

So lets go through it, month by month: Continue reading

Unethical Shaffer endorses unethical Benker

Color me skeptical, but I found the endorsement of Longmont City Council member Karen Benker by Colorado State Senator Brandon Shaffer fairly ironic – and pretty pointless.  Make no mistake, this was tactical as Mr. Shaffer ran against Ms. Benker’s opponent Katie Witt for State Senate last year.  People can point out that Mr. Shaffer beat Ms. Witt, but he isn’t on the ballot this year.  His brand, along with Ms. Benker’s and the entire Democratic Party has sunk at such a pace in the last year that even surprises me.

But back to the irony:  As I’ve written in many other places, Ms. Benker has a problem with transparency in regards to Colorado’s Sunshine Laws.  Well, you know what they say about birds of a feather (they tend to flock together, in case you didn’t know).  Mr. Shaffer was recently in the news over some of his own transparency problems.
Funny how when elected officials are term limited, they feel free to go hog wild and disregard laws and ethics.  Basically, an endorsement by Brandon Shaffer isn’t worth the newspaper it’s printed on.
Maybe Ms. Benker could have gotten an endorsement from State Representative John “Jack” Pommer.  Then again maybe not:

Oh well, nevermind, another term limited Democrat who can’t follow the law.  Are there any honest ones at all?

State Senator plays it fast and loose with Open Meetings law

The press is asleep at the switch. Oh no, not again!

Yes, I’m afraid so, as all of the reporters, editors and editorial writers who covered the recent dust-up over Colorado Senate President Brandon Shaffer (of Longmont) holding a two-day meeting with fellow Democrats unannounced and behind closed doors at the state capitol seem to have missed the most important point: This was an egregious violation of the Colorado Open Meetings law.

Briefly, this how the law is explained: Continue reading

Culture Of Corruption: Brandon Shaffer

Like I asked at the recent City Council meeting: Are there secret meetings held to discuss holding secret meetings, or does it just come natural for certain types of people? I was eluding to State Senator Brandon Shaffer (Democrat-Longmont) and getting caught inviting only his own party buddies to a retreat, and Longmont City Councilmember Karen Benker and the 1996 Rocky Mountain News editorial about her secret RTD meetings (more on that in another piece), and of course the Open Records debacle relating to city emails. Continue reading

Pommer, fellow travelers continue disdain for Electoral College, U.S. Constitution

It’s baaaack. Once again our elected representatives at the state capitol have decided that your vote and your voice comes second to theirs. For the umpteenth time, they want to get Colorado out of the business of having to deal with the Electoral College system and go along with this “National Popular Vote” movement. It’s a “movement” alright, if you get my drift.

This years model is House Bill 1299, sponsored by Longmont’s own John “Jack” Pommer, Democrat – District 11 (pictured). He also was onboard with the earlier versions of this nonsense, as I’ve written about extensively. This time though it didn’t originate in the State Senate like the past versions, usually sponsored by Brandon Shaffer (another one of our illustrious local representatives), and I hope he’s seen the light on this issue – but I doubt it.

Ironically, the House is usually where the previous Senate bills went to die. Hopefully, one of our other local representatives Paul Weissmann will reprise his role and put this in the political graveyard where it belongs.

I’ll remind again that a similar measure went before the voters in Colorado in 2004 and was soundly defeated, rejected by 65% of the voters. But the main sponsor Andy Kerr, Democrat – District 26 (pictured), similar to other pushers of this idea (Brandon Shaffer, Ken Gordon, etc) thinks the legislature should overrule you, even though a vast majority of you voted against this.

So far only a bare handful of states have gone along with this scheme, equaling a whopping 50 Electoral votes. It wouldn’t kick in until enough states approved this scheme equaling 270 Electoral College votes. But these types have a long view of things with their systematic watering down and killing of what they call a “living Constitution”. But that aside (and that’s a lot to put aside) it’s just plain ridiculous for some states to use one system for electing a President, and others to use some half-baked scheme as the other.

Think it’s so great? Put it to the voters, again. Why don’t they? Why do they circumvent the voters and pass this as quietly as possible in state legislatures? Because they know what will happen, the 2004 vote is proof.

Brandon Shaffer has a problem with transparency

Colorado Senate Bill 57 would require Colorado school districts to post their spending reports online. Every type of government should do this, school districts are no different, especially in light of Longmont just approving the mill levies and bond issues for St. Vrain Valley School District.

You would think these districts would want to show they are trustworthy. Apparently Longmont’s State Senate Representative Brandon Shaffer either doesn’t think they are trustworthy, or you’re just too stupid to understand the minutia.

He, along with 7 other senators voted against SB-57. It was already diluted prior to this vote, not diluted enough? Why would they want to keep this information secret? Rubber stamping on behalf of lobbyists Mr. Shaffer?

So, all of you who voted for the mill levy and bond, and especially those that didn’t, you really have no way of knowing where or how this money is being spent if Mr. Shaffer has his way. Like I’ve said before Mr. Shaffer – those that tell you you’re doing a “great job”, don’t believe it. You’re just another political hack yes man. Anyone can do that.

Thank God for term limits.

State capitol rally against generational theft

Since most of you probably had to work on Tuesday, or have what I like to call a “life”, you probably missed the rally held at the State Capitol over the so-called stimulus package. Aka Porkulis, AKA Generational Theft Act, or whatever you prefer to call it.

I had the day off and had to be in the area anyway, so I went down there – along with another contributor to this site, much to our mutual surprise. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, thought you might like to know what this observer saw.

Traffic and parking was tough, so I got there a little late and right about when I thought it was going to start, it was over. It was a pretty decent sized crowd for the middle of a weekday. There were plenty of speakers, but each only spoke a very short period of time, and the wind was a serious factor in trying to hear the speakers. I’m not sure if there were limitations on the time they had at that location, whether a permit was required, etc. Either way, I was surprised how quickly it ended.

But most of the fun occurred after the event was technically over. Lots of people stayed, milled around, and talked to each other. They had a real live pig, and also a roasted one. I thought the latter was fake, a prop, but it was real alright, and sure smelled good.

There were various factions representing all kinds of views, from parents concerned about their kids future, to 9/11 Truthers, and a small scattering of Obamacons. This one guy, who was wearing a soon to be copyright infringed t-shirt, just wasn’t getting the attention he demanded. So he just yelled louder, to no one in particular. I got closer to see what was going on and saw someone trying to engage him, and witnessed pretty much what I expected: certain types yell questions and platitudes, even if you’re trying to actually have a dialogue with them. This guy would make some idiotic assertion; the person talking to him would answer, or try to, but without even listening to the response this clown was on to another talking point.

Like most sane people, they got sick of him and just walked away laughing and shaking their heads. So what did this guy resort to? Apparently he had nothing left in his bag of wits other than a crack on the other guys’ hair, or lack thereof. Yep, that’s it, pretty sad. Then another speaker would flare up with some loud speech, people would look, or maybe gather around, then it would be over. The television stations and news agencies were all there, but I didn’t see any of them cover the activities following the rally.

I saw people talking to elected representatives about issues that concern them, and not all were of one particular political persuasion either. I got to meet a couple of these State Senators (Renfroe and Mitchell), and apologized for mine (Shaffer). I also got to meet Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute and radio/TV fame, but forgot to thank him for allowing me to use some audio from his TV show for my podcast (the ReCreate ’68 piece – Thanks!).

I also met syndicated columnist and FoxNews regular Michelle Malkin. I was standing near the Capitol steps and people were handing me their phones/cameras for me to take a picture of them with her. I was glad to do it, and then I got a picture of me taken with her (thanks for emailing it!). Never the shy one, I wanted to crack a joke for the picture, so I promised her I wouldn’t “Alex Jones” her. (He chased her around at the DNC in Denver like a wailing, well, pig). I then took a self-guided tour of the Capitol building, very impressive.

Some thoughts on the event: Some of the speakers were a little too partisan and this isn’t really a left/right, conservative/liberal, or Republican/Democrat issue. I was glad to see some speakers, most notably Mr. Caldara make that point. Your kids and mine, and theirs yet to be born, will be saddled by this for decades and some of those labels and parties may just be a memory by then. But this insanely large bill (and the one before it and the ones sure to follow) won’t be a memory; it’ll be their reality – as sad as it may be.

I’m not much of a rally attendee or marcher. I do my talking either here, on a podcast, at/to city council, or in the newspaper. I went to this event to say I was there on the day when my President signed away my future family members hopes of a life as good as mine and those before me. For you other parents (regardless of affiliation) who are equally concerned, even though I wasn’t one of the ones yelling in the crowd, I was there for you, too.

Does that mean I have a better answer or alternative? No. But at least I would hope my representatives (this includes you Congresswoman Markey, and Senators Udall and Bennet) would do us the favor of actually reading a bill of this magnitude before signing it. These three clearly did not do that and I consider this a dereliction of their duty. This proves they are just rubber-stamping political hacks. Thanks for nothing. No, thanks for worse than nothing.

You always hope your kids will do better than yourself, sort of improve on the current model. Now those hopes have been handcuffed. And while I can’t understand how some people are thrilled that the government is handing out billions (trillions with interest) and think it’s free money. It’s not free, it has to be paid back, or they’ll just put the money printing press on hyperdrive followed by hyperinflation. Either way, it’s tying future generations’ hands behind their back as they hope to try to strike out on their own.

They’ll likely strike out alright, but not the good kind.

You can see pictures of this event and more at the following Longmont Examiner page:
Locals attend Anti-Pork Roast on Capitol steps

Brandon Shaffer: Not a voter’s best friend

How would you feel if you, along with almost 700,000 other Colorado voters (equaling 65.9% of the voters), voted one way but a newly elected representative tried to overturn that result, more than once? Worse yet, how would you feel if that representative voted to take away the right for you to vote on that issue again?

That’s exactly what current State Senator Brandon Shaffer did with Senate Bills SB06-223 and SB07-046. These two bills, which Senator Shaffer co-sponsored and voted in favor of, would’ve effectively overturned Amendment 36 (this amendment would have changed the way in which the state apportioned its electoral votes). The latter senate bill had an amendment to it that would “refer to people under referendum”, Senator Shaffer voted NO. Bottom line, he wanted to undo the voters will in 2004 and not give them a chance to be heard again on this issue.

Why would he do this? These bills were the brainchild and pet projects of Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon. You didn’t think Mr. Shaffer moved up the ranks to Assistant Majority Leader in the Senate so quickly just on looks, did you? When you’re a good soldier for your leader and your party, there are perks. I asked the question, but didn’t get an answer, as to how often Senator Shaffer voted against his own party. On all the important bills that I looked over he towed the party line straight down the line. Even if that meant undoing and silencing your vote.

Bipartisan? Independent? Hardly. Tell Mr. Shaffer you don’t like your vote played with and vote NO on retaining him in his State Senate District 17 seat.

Other local representatives of note on this issue: Representative Jack Pommer (Dem-11) voted similarly to Senator Shaffer, and is running for re-election. Representative Paul Weissmann (Dem-12) should be commended on this issue for killing it in his committee.