Trio of Longmont councilmembers don’t deserve re-election

(An edited version of the below was printed in the Times Call “Voices of St. Vrain” Opinion section on 10/7/11)

Our election is less than a month away and there are three council members up for re-election who no longer deserve to represent us because they have made their personal and partisan politics too much of how they govern Longmont. Continue reading

Campaign Sign Warfare: 2011 Edition

In the October 7, 2011 Times-Call it was reported that people are going around stealing campaign signs from certain candidates.  Regular readers of this blog or its predecessor will know this is nothing new.  And once again it’s coming from one side – our local liberal/progressives. Continue reading

Rewriting Mall history

Seems in this current election cycle some people are trying to rewrite history when it comes to the Twin Peaks Mall.  Let us never forget who’s squarely to blame for the current situation and who has blood on their hands.  So lets look back over the last 3+ years to get a feel for what occurred and how it was written about as it occurred.   Continue reading

Santos: Bagley better for Ward 1

(The following ran in the Friday September 30, 2011 Times-Callemphasis added)

Each of us who has the honor and privilege of serving on the Longmont City Council should remember that a key part of serving residents is communicating with them. When a member of the public calls Brian Hansen‘s city cellphone number, they hear the following words: “This is Longmont City Council member Brian Hansen. You can call me between 8 and 10 a.m. Monday and Tuesday at this number. Please do not leave a message at this number.”   Continue reading

Responding to the letter writing ignorati

As an “agenda-setter”, as opposed to the usual “responders”, I’m going to once again make the rare response to some responses to my observations.  Starting to see why the site name was changed to “Lightning Rod“?  Read the tagline at the top of this page again:  “a person or thing that attracts and absorbs powerful and esp. negative or hostile feelings, opinions, etc.”   Continue reading

Brian Hansen’s campaign contribution doublespeak

Stupid is as Hansen does

Longmont City Councilmember Brian Hansen has been making a lot of noise recently about campaign contributions and how they can negatively affect votes on council.  He has either forgotten, or wants you to forget, how he took a sizable contribution himself and within 9 months turned it into a favorable vote for the contributors. Continue reading

McCoy, Hansen, and Levison’s 4 year assault on religion

I’m sure this is something current councilmembers Sean McCoy, Brian Hansen, and Sarah Levison would rather just be forgotten and swept under the rug.  Their involvement in the railroading of Longmont’s LifeBridge Christian Church, whether you are religious or not, was despicable and by itself is reason enough to never consider reelecting any of them.  Mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs needs to be asked about this subject and where he stands on it as well. Continue reading

Plugging ears, closing eyes not a winning strategy

If only they’d cover their mouths

Last week it was Longmont Area Democrat President John Bigger telling his flock to turn its collective heads and not be “sucked in” to, well, basically the truth told about their candidates.  This week it’s fellow LAD member Kay (sic) Fissinger in the Times-Call – that paper she claims is of the evil Lehman spawn – basically parroting the strategy of “close your eyes” and “cover your ears”.   Continue reading

Brian Hansen doesn’t want to hear from you

It’s long been known that Longmont Ward 1 city councilmember Brian Hansen is all but inaccessible by his constituents.  In the following YouTube video, here is the actual audio from his city issued Blackberry where he all but confirms this telling you NOT to leave a message.  Keep in mind, you the Longmont taxpayer are paying for this smartphone. Continue reading

Lie manufacturing, and confused councilmembers

I have to believe that the Screwball Left here in Longmont must scratch their collective heads and wonder why council members that they go after don’t address their nonsense?  They throw one charge after another, none seem to stick, and they’re basically ignored by the grown-ups in the city.  Example:  Longmont City Council member Gabe Santos and his connections with former Majority Leader Tom DeLay.  The end result: two convincing victories – by Gabe Santos. Continue reading