Longmont 2011 Election Post-Mortem

Well, regardless of how much I’m told how irrelevant I am, since LRod’s visits have skyrocketed leading up to and after the election, it appears some people must be curious on my take on Longmont’s recent election.  I was happy just making my award-winning (and about to win again) chili and listening to music (yep, all 80’s) – but I don’t want to let down my friends and enemas.  So here’s some initial observations. Continue reading

Home stretch of Longmont 2011 Election: Turnout and projections

Predicting voter turnout is never an easy task, especially in off (or odd) year elections like this years.  Predicting actual winners is equally difficult as it all boils down to who gets out the vote and who doesn’t.  I’ll try to make a stab at these with educated guesses based on past history and trends. Continue reading

Home stretch of Longmont 2011 Election: The money game

With just a couple of days left to get votes in, there are some races that can already be called.  Of course, I’m talking about the money race, as of the 3rd Reporting Period for candidates.  People can argue about the importance, or lack thereof, of contributions, but the candidates who raised and spent the most in 2009 won. Continue reading

Dennis Coombs’ denouncements fall on deaf ears

In the October 26, 2011 Times-Call mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs tried to distance himself from the smear and hateful campaign his supporters are carrying out on behalf and to the benefit of his mayoral run.  He also said he’d run a “clean and positive” campaign, which is a little hard to believe considering the repeated shots he’s taken at his opponent, current Mayor Bryan Baum. Continue reading

Longmont Mayor: Bryan Baum

(The following was submitted by Longmont Mayor Bryan Baum and appeared in the 10/22/11 Times-Call)

Promises fulfilled as mayor

As the end of my first term as mayor draws near, I look back on the changes that our city has gone through. When I took office, I was excited about embarking on a new journey. While I had been extremely involved with many local nonprofits, often as board president, I had never held a public elective office. I quickly learned how very different the public and private sectors operate — at different speeds with different motivations. Continue reading

Yellow Scene makes some surprise endorsements

I occasionally check out the Yellow Scene magazine.  They’ve been somewhat fair to me over the years, and even gave me one of the first write-ups of my first blog, Wrongmont, and it was positive.  I think it’s pretty universally accepted to say they lean to the left politically, so to say some of its recent endorsements for Longmont City Council was a surprise is putting it lightly. Continue reading

Community comes before party in local elections

(As printed in the 10/13/11 Times Call Opinion Section)

Re-elect Mayor Baum; challenger not ready to lead

I usually don’t pay attention to local political party affiliation. Until Election Eve 2009, when a former Longmont Area Democrat president created a blog titled Common Ground. In it, he wrote that regardless of his own partisan bias that “community comes before party affiliation.” Continue reading

Baum Council ahead of green extremism

Admin noteAs we watch the fantasies of green activists being increasingly exposed, many Longmonters are noting the foresight of the present City Council in stopping these distorted programs before they were to wreak further economic damage on our city. We’ve already covered solar rebates in this blog; today, a guest contributor reminds us of the failed DaVinci Quest…   Continue reading