Leftwing political committee scrambles to “fix” campaign report

Within about 12 hours of this blog’s reporting of Moving Longmont Forward‘s questionable campaign report and $1,500 contribution by big labor organization AFSCME, their registered agent Teresa Lichti had to scramble to the Longmont City Clerk’s office to amend their report.  Although this was reported as a violation of the LFCPA, it appears the presumption of innocence might be overplayed when there should be a question of honesty. Continue reading

Lie manufacturing, and confused councilmembers

I have to believe that the Screwball Left here in Longmont must scratch their collective heads and wonder why council members that they go after don’t address their nonsense?  They throw one charge after another, none seem to stick, and they’re basically ignored by the grown-ups in the city.  Example:  Longmont City Council member Gabe Santos and his connections with former Majority Leader Tom DeLay.  The end result: two convincing victories – by Gabe Santos. Continue reading

Turning campaign laws into a political weapon

Have our municipal elections in Longmont suddenly become so corrupt and rotten that we need a draconian version of the already confusing state and federal fair campaign laws to bludgeon our neighbors over the head with, in case they step out of line? I don’t think so. But that’s what the Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act seems to be turning into – just another political weapon. Continue reading

Levisons “Chicago” moment

The June 8, 2010 Longmont City Council meeting might turn out to be one of the more dissected, now and in the future.  This is Part 3 (of hopefully 3) of what occurred that night, this time it’s the Sarah Levison Show.  She had a “Chicago” moment.  Not the city, the band.  Remember the song that had the line “hard for me to say I’m sorry“?  Switch the word hard with impossible. Continue reading